Six Feet Under: Westside

posted on April 4, 2007 at 8:20 pm

I recently moved to the West Side and the dining options are seriously lacking. While I love places like Pangaea, Star Provisions, and Busy Bee Cafe, I am growing bored with my choices. I was happy to hear that Six Feet Under was opening a location near me. Now, some people don’t like this place. The food can be fair to middling at times, but I think their fried items are pretty darn good. The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I took a friend to scope out the new digs-particularly the view (pictured above). The service was a bit spotty. It took us 20 minutes to get our entrees, but I can forgive them–they have only been open for a week or so.

Rat toes: These are jalapenos stuffed with shrimp, wrapped in bacon, and grilled. I loved these things. Spicy shrimp and bacon? What’s not to like?

Cheeseburger: My friend got the burger and it was just okay in my humble opinion. The bun was nice and the homemade chops were great. The meat tasted a bit off and I could not put my finger on what turned me off. Maybe it was old or over-mixed?

Fried shrimp basket: I really love the fried shrimp. The cornmeal batter gets super crisp and the homemade chips are tops. I am not sure if they were fresh or not, but they were still very tasty. The hush puppies were a bit gummy and I ended up not eating them.

Verdict: The menu is hit and miss, but there are some items worth visiting the restaurant for. Not the best place for grub, but the roof is a nice place to spend an afternoon with friends. Stick with the fried food and you’ll be safe.


Address: 685 11th Street

Phone: 404-810-0040


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  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: Anonymous · April 10, 2007  5:57 PM

    BG, I am a big fan of the blog and generally think your reviews are dead-on. I was a bit surprised that you would choose to comment on this great new addition to the Westside after only one week of business. I visited there with a party of 10, including 4 children under 6 last weekend and thought that it was great. I’ve been a longtime fan of SFU and am thrilled to have an outpost closer to home.

  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · April 10, 2007  6:04 PM

    Thanks for reading. I generally try to go after a place has a month under their belt, but SFU has another outpost so the formula should be down IMO. The food was the same as the other location. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: Robin · April 25, 2007  12:16 PM

    I had a po-boy there last night and was not impressed. The oysters were way overdone and the roll was not very good. View from the deck was great, but people from our group had a heck of a time finding parking. Nice up and coming area, though.

  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: Amanda · August 16, 2007  12:15 PM

    I ate there for the second time last night and while I love the view/atmosphere, I don’t think I’ll be dining there again. I found not one, but two hairs in my food. I’m grossed out even thinking about it.

  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: Rebecca · September 28, 2007  12:01 AM

    We will absolutely NOT be back ever again either. My husband and I went on a Tuesday and stopped off at the bar downstairs for a drink before our table was ready. 20 minutes after being noticed we were STILL waiting on our drinks. At least the bartender had the good grace to give them to us for free. Once out on the deck, another long wait for the server to order. Our drinks are long gone. Our dinner comes out ten minutes later in this order-entree, appetizer, second round of drinks. The crab legs were mealy and cold and the bloody marys tasted like someone had poured a vat of salt in them. I don’t think I have ever had so many things go wrong at a meal. You couldn’t talk me back to this place.

  • Re: Six Feet Under: Westside
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 28, 2007  3:39 AM

    I agree. the service is absolutely horrible. although my options for dining in the westside are limited, i have not been back since my second visit.

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