Silvia’s Pastry and Mexican Food: Norcross

posted on January 16, 2006 at 2:10 pm

The chicken and mole platter

The Pozole


There aren’t many Mexican restaurants that make me feel at home in Atlanta. Silvia’s Pastry is the exception. We struggled trying to find it because the name on the outside has changed…its now something like Michoacan Restaurant and Pastry shop (that is a rough translation). We walked in and there was only one person eating a massive bowl of red Pozole and watching soccer on TV. My eyes lit up at the sight of that fiery red Pozole steaming up from the massive bowl. My boyfriend automatically knew we were eating that for lunch. A woman, I can only assume it is Silvia, walked out of the kitchen smiling and took our order. I ordered a Al Pastor Gordita, a Chicken sope, the chicken and mole platter and that delicious looking red Pozole.

She grabbed me a ice cold bottle of coca cola and went back to the kitchen to work. This is not fast food people. She took her time because she was making everything to order, tortillas and all. The chicken and mole came out with a side of rice, beans and fresh handmade tortillas. The mole was good but a bit oily. It certainly was not as good as my Abuelita’s but good overall. The chicken was tender and the rice was good. I am not a fan of refried beans but these were smoky and well-seasoned. They brought the Pozole next. It came with the various toppings and a big basket of tortillas chips fresh out of the fryer. I love those things even though they are horrible for me. The flavor was awesome. It was tangy (especially with that extra squirt of lime). The avocado mixed with the chicken and broth wonderfully. So soothing. The Sope was very good. A bit thicker than I would make it but it was good. It reminded me of the ones I used to eat when I was a kid. The gordita was good but a bit much for my date. He said it was tasty but the masa was just too much for him. He prefers straight tacos though.

The desserts looked great. They had some sort of rice pudding and fresh-looking flan. They also make tres leches birthday cakes. It was a good meal and I cannot wait to go try some more stuff. You should too if you have never been there. You wont be sorry. They are closed on Wednesdays and only take cash.

Address: 6065 S Norcross Tucker Road
Phone: (770) 496-4550
Cuisine: Mexican

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  • Re: Silvia’s Pastry and Mexican Food: Norcross
    posted by: Anonymous · January 23, 2006  9:53 AM

    The food looks nice in the photos. Enough to make me seek it out.

    -General Sherman

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