Salted tofu soup from Ping’s

posted on August 9, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Amazing salted tofu soup from Pings. $2.
My family has been making the trek to Duluth most weekends for the dim sum at Best BBQ, but I broke the pattern and ate at another stall called Ping’s (the second one once you enter the food court). It’s a Taiwanese stall that makes many classics. The one to the left of it is sichuan and also looks interesting. This may be the best Chinese food court in atlanta. No, it is the best Chinese food court in Atlanta.

Ping’s has all the standards like a flattened and fried pork chop and noodles with black bean sauce. I saw a table all having the same soup plus some fried bread and I knew I had to try it. It just looked interesting. I asked one of the diners and she was kind enough to help me order it from the stall. The soup’s texture and flavors were very similar to a hot and sour soup although this had added dimension from beefy black mushrooms. Then the silken and salted tofu made it creamy and a more substantial meal. The abundance of green onion was also much appreciated as I can never get enough raw onion in this type of cooking. The medium sized bowl, which was a meal in itself, was only $2 and little Z ended up swiping it from me halfway through the meal and keeping it for herself. I also got some stir-fried noodles (L21) from Best BBQ because I couldn’t be right there and not eat them. Cheap, good, fast, and the added bonus of entertainment for the kids like live shrimp and a bunch of other live seafood in the seafood section. Another bonus is that they are open for breakfast so break out of your egg rut and have some soup while you shop for the week.

Great Wall Supermarket: 2300 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096. 678-957-0098.

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    posted by: Ana Ng · August 13, 2014  12:39 AM

    Frustrating when your blogging service chooses to feature a post about a restaurant no longer open. Box Chicken was featured after the Ping Salted Tofu Soup entry, and I didn’t learn till the end that it is gone. Now I am wanting some food I can’t even get here.

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