Rose of India: Chamblee

posted on November 18, 2006 at 7:12 am
Good Indian is hard to find in Atlanta. I am quite picky when it comes to my Indian and most places don’t hit the spot when the craving strikes me. I do enjoy places like Vatica but they are just too far away. I first heard about Rose of India a month or so ago and had been dying to try it. I decided to enlist some extra stomachs and made it a supper club outing (thanks to all of you who showed up). Stay tuned for more supper club outings on the forum. Here is the play by play and sorry for the picture quality (my flash is a menace):

Appetizer assortment: Good mix of pretty much everything they offer to start with the exception of the salads and soups. Veggie papadum, onion bhajee (crispy fried onion balls), lamb tikka, chicken tikka and papadam (not pictured). Everything was great. The onion bhajee was delicious and the chicken was amazingly tender. Not a bad deal for $6.49 either.

Calamari: I would have to say this was the only miss at the table. Interestingly flavored batter but it was too heavy and they calamari got lost in the mix.

Sheekh kabab: Delicious flavor. They could have cooked it a bit more to get the crispy bits but I would still order again.

Saag paneer: Thank the stars! This is one of my favorite dishes in Indian cuisine. Think of it as a spicy creamed spinach with Indian cheese. Not too creamy and the cheese had a good amount of bite. A must order if you like this dish.

Pulao rice: Basmati rice tossed with cilantro. A nice compliment to the dishes. I love the addition of the cilantro.

Lamb vindaloo: Another hit. Great heat and melt in your mouth lamb. I actually ordered some the next night it was so good.

Some other items we ate are not pictured. We also had an eggplant dish called an eggplant bharta which was to die for. Sweet and complex. Not bitter at all. A truly great eggplant dish. The chicken tikka was also very good but I was so focused on the lamb that I did not eat much of it. The naan bread was among some of the best I have had in Atlanta. Crisp on the bottom yet doughy in the right places.

Verdict: A must go if you are into Indian grub. Great balance in the flavors and a nice waitstaff. Corkage is $5 eventhough they have a liquor license now. Delivery is available in a limited area.


Address: 4847 Peachtree Road, Chamblee
Phone: 678-330-1525
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  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: ob2s · November 19, 2006  8:11 AM

    My fault on the calamari, last time I had it the breading was minimal, more reddish in color (tumeric), much like chicken 65, this time it was whatever.
    Bhindi Bhaji (okra) is quite good too. I had it the day after.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · November 25, 2006  8:40 AM

    You were right on the money with this place! Went last night and it’s absolutely delicious….can’t believe they got the chicken tikka so tender. We loved everything we tried. Thanks for the review and leading us to our new favorite Indian joint!

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · November 27, 2006  3:15 PM

    i recommend Bhojanic highly for Indian food…its on Clairmont, and definitely worth a shot. They make some creative Indian Tapas/fusion dishes (don’t stray too far from the norm though). The other place I would recommend is Chat-patti for chaat (Indian street food) at North Druid Hills.
    Rose of India sounds like your run of the mill Indian restaurant…i love your blog and would love to see you try some of these eclectic places.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · January 2, 2007  12:13 PM

    How is the atmosphere? Would it be suitable for a 70th birthday dinner for 20 people? Are there any private or sectioned off areas? Not looking to have them start pushing tables together in the middle of the room, if you know what i mean.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · January 4, 2007  7:39 PM

    I don’t think that a party of 20 would fit. It is super small. What about Tasty China?

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: T · August 2, 2007  8:16 AM

    The best naan I’ve had so far has been at Desi Spice in the Midtown Art Cinema plaza. It’s above the Landmark cinema there. The vindaloo there was avoidable but the naan was the closest thing I’ve had to what’s available in restaurants in India. I’m always looking for good vindaloo so am glad to try Rose of India. I have a recipe from a Goan friend that I’ve been wanting to try as well. Chatpatti is good for the Gujarati snacks — dhokla, patrel, khandvi, pakodi — all incredibly fresh. Steer clear of the North or South Indian stuff, better at Madras or a North Indian place respectively. Bhojanic has great Punjabi vegetarian, their meat is o.k.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: Ash · September 11, 2007  7:00 AM

    I lived in Japan for 14 years and the best Indian food I had was there. Why? I am not sure. The chefs were Indian, like here but it is still a mystery. I do know the immigration laws are stricter and if a chef gets a working visa in Japan he must stay at that restaurant and does not have the freedom to change jobs…I have asked Indians this question and they are as baffled as I am.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · January 31, 2008  12:03 PM

    Great Choice!!!!

    Went last night after reading this review. The combo appetizer and chicken tika masala were excellent. Also the best Naan i’ve tasted.

  • Re: Rose of India: Chamblee
    posted by: lenny · July 5, 2008  7:50 PM

    I just went here today and it was AWESOME! I got the saag paneer (mainly because of that picture you posted) and the paneer makhani. OMG it was freaking amazing… I will definitely become a regular customer at this place. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!

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