Rhodes Bakery: Atlanta

posted on April 24, 2006 at 6:22 pm


I am a sucker for little cakes of any kind. Cupcakes and petits fours are my favorites though. I pass Rhodes Bakery on Cheshire Bridge all the time but I never go in. Someone told me they had some good petit fours so I decided to stop by last Friday. The selections are pretty basic…Undecorated caramel, chocolate and white cakes. Also had a few little cookie items. The cheese straws are supposed to be good too. My eyes went straight to the petits fours which they have in two sizes. I grabbed some and boy, they were delicious. Most petits fours have a hard shell with a small piece of dry cake in the center. These had a light fresh glaze and very moist cake. How could anyone resist these things? They are the perfect portion size so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging.


Address: 1783 Cheshire Bridge Rd
Phone: (404) 876-3783
Cuisine: Bakery
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  • Re: Rhodes Bakery: Atlanta
    posted by: Darin · April 25, 2006  5:56 AM

    Those look great, I’ll have to try them. My wife and I went by there over the weekend and got a couple of pastries and a loaf of bread. The bread made for some great pimento cheese sandwiches, though it did start to mold after a couple fo days and I didn’t get to finish it. Good while it lasted, though.

  • Re: Rhodes Bakery: Atlanta
    posted by: bess · April 26, 2006  7:51 AM

    You’re right. They usually you need a drink nearby to chase those things down. But Rhodes’ version sounds wonderful.
    Have you ever had the Lamingtons at the Australian Bakery? Light, fluffy cake with a thin glaze of chocolate, sprinkled with coconut.

  • Re: Rhodes Bakery: Atlanta
    posted by: Josie Brown, author IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED · August 20, 2007  8:01 AM

    Since I was a kid, my family has ordered our birthday cakes from Rhodes Bakery–because they are the only ones in town that can make an egg white icing. NOTHING in this world like it! However, it has to be ordered in advance. And if it’s too hot, they won’t make it anyway. Which is a shame, because my Mom’s birthday is in August. She now lives 60 miles out of town, and it’s a hike to get her favorite cake–but we will do it as long as she lives. Order it with lemon filling in the middle!

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