Review: D92 brings excellent Korean barbecue to Decatur

posted on February 8, 2019 at 11:27 am

Ask me where to go for Korean barbecue and I can come up with at least five solid suggestions. Whether you’re looking for pork, beef, or offal cooked over charcoal or—gasp!—gas, Korean barbecue is all over the map in metro Atlanta. Well, some of the map. There hasn’t been much quality Korean barbecue inside the Perimeter since Mirror of Korea on Ponce de Leon Avenue closed forever ago. D92 Korean BBQ set out to change that when it opened in Decatur last August. It offers the kind of Korean barbecue that typically warrants a trip to the suburbs. Plus, there are cocktails (including a Smoky Yuzu Margarita)—something most of those other places don’t bother with. Click here to read the rest on Atlanta Magazine’s website…

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