Restaurant Review: Gunshow

posted on December 17, 2014 at 10:17 pm



When I tried to get a reservation at “Top Chef” alum Kevin Gillespie’s Glenwood Park restaurant Gunshow, the only available spot was three weeks away at 6 p.m. on a Wednesday. If Atlanta were like New York or San Francisco, where reservations are routinely hard to get across the board, such a wait would be normal. In fact, for a restaurant like Gunshow, which recently landed on GQ’s “25 Best New Restaurants in America, 2014” and Esquire magazine’s “The 25 Best New Restaurants in America” and is owned by a TV star, the wait would be expected. In Atlanta, however, a three-week lead-time at any restaurant is not the norm.

When Gunshow opened in May 2013, people were excited to experience this unique new concept in which chefs served dishes dim sum-style that they were responsible for from start to finish. Gillespie says he wanted to “create an environment where the diners are disarmed.” To enjoy this disarming dinner theater, Atlanta diners were required to adapt to a number of the restaurant’s quirks, such as its unpredictable, go-with-the-flow dining experience and — as we experienced first-hand — the weeks-long waits for a front row seat.

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