Restaurant Eugene Sunday Supper: Buckhead

posted on April 5, 2006 at 8:08 am

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably know that I consider this to be one of Atlanta’s finest establishments. I have only been when they serve the regular menu and have always been pleased with the food. I took some girlfriends over there for their Sunday Supper this past weekend at a price of $29 for 3 courses. I had heard the fried chicken was amazing so I had to try it. Fried chicken is one of those things most people I know can’t pass up. 2 of us ordered the fried chicken and the other one got the country-fried steak. We all got the salad with peach preserves and radishes. We also ordered a couple of dishes off the regular menu…a scallop gratin and oyster mushrooms over polenta. The scallops and the mushroom dish were the first to come out. We were busy talking and did not get to it until they were lukewarm. They were still tasty but would have been extra delicious had the been piping hot. Next, our salads. What a bore. So sweet…I really did not like it. I normally like most salads too. My chicken came out and I dug right in. It was bland, soggy and very greasy. I picked at it and gave up. I finished my sides which were a delicious creamed greens and potato puree. I could have had better chicken at Popeye’s. My friend’s steak was way too salty too. Our desserts came out…strawberry shortcake, lemon chess pie and red velvet cake. They were all well-made but I only had a bite of each. I was so disappointed and really regretted not ordering from the normal menu. They had some good-looking wild boar dish I want to go back and try. I would have rather paid more and gotten better food. I was really surprised at the food quality. I will still go back though.

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    posted by: Anonymous · April 8, 2006  10:27 PM

    My boyfriend and I had Sunday supper here a few weeks back, but were much more pleased with our meal. The pork shoulder and grits were fantastic as was his Country Fried steak. Did they not offer fried green tomatoes when you went? Their’s were by far the best I’ve had – perfectly crisp and flavorful. Desserts were very good – I preferred my Chess pie to his teacakes – and I should mention that I’m hard to please since I work as a pastry cook. All in all, I’d definitely recommend Rest. Eugene’s Sunday supper, a $30 for three courses is a great deal and was well worth the money.

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