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posted on November 21, 2005 at 5:48 am

I had heard many positive things about restaurant Eugene and went to check it out this past Saturday. I was immediately impressed with the decor. The space was very modern and did not feel like your typical high-end Atlanta Restaurant. I was very excited because the menu focuses on local and seasonal products which is always a plus in my book. The service was terrible though. Our waitress only had a few other tables but seemed completely overwhelmed. We had been seated for 10 minutes before we received our menus. She did not take our order until 30 minutes after we had been seated. She forgot to bring us bread until I reminded her after our first course had already come and went. She poured our wine glasses too full and took one of my dining companion’s glasses before he had even finished his wine. I ordered the pot de crème for dessert and she brought me a piece of cheese. I wont even begin to talk about her pronunciation of the ingredients. It was pure butchery.

That being said, the kitchen is doing something right. I ordered the Foie Gras, Sole confit, and pot de crème. All of my dishes were delicious. The Foie gras was served with a tiny buttermilk biscuit covered in microgreens, Santa Rosa plums, and roasted gold tomatoes. The flavors complemented each other perfectly. My sole was poached in duck fat and served with tomato fondue and fingerling potatoes. The potatoes were sweet and the fish was rich. It was really a delight. My vanilla pot de crème was served with doughnuts filled with milk chocolate. Pure heaven. The rest of my table has the cream of leek soup, the oysters on the half shell, the black pork belly, pheasant, and the pork chop. I tasted practically everything and it was all very good and well-prepared. I would go back for a second try because I enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The food alone could take this to Atlanta’s best restaurant in no time.

Address: 2277 Peachtree Road
Phone: (404) 355-0231
Website: Restaurant Eugene

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  • Re: Restaurant Eugene: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 6, 2006  8:20 PM

    I went for the first time last Friday, and I had no such issues with the service. The waitress dropped a couple of marginally important elements to a couple of dishes (micro greens and a lime wedge on two separate dishes) which wasn’t a big deal to me. The bigger deal was that she did not replace them. That said, she was good overall.

    The food, though, was excellent on the whole and even superb at times. Do yourself a favor and go back for the tasting menu. I did the six course. Didn’t contain all the intermezzos that Bacchanalia does, but it was every bit as good. Only two restaurants I’ve been to in Atlanta can be put in the same tier – Soto and Bacchanalia. There are a lot of other restaurants I love, but Restaurant Eugene is clearly elite.

  • Re: Restaurant Eugene: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 14, 2008  4:43 AM

    5 of us went last night to experience the Sunday Supper ($29.50/3 courses). My husband and I were sorely disappointed. The starters were the best of the 3 courses. Cream of pimento with crawfish was creamy and good and the fried green tomatoes were crispy and tasty. My husband had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and peas. He said the meat was not of a great quality and it tasted like something he could get anywhere. I had the Georgia trout with corn mache choux. No flavor. There was a brown butter drizzled on the plate and it was tasteless. The biggest loser of the evening was the pound cake. Dry, dry dry! One of our dinner companions happens to make an amazing pound cake and Restaurant Eugene’s pastry chef would be put to shame in comparing the two.
    I would go back to try out there standard menu but would pass on another opportunity to have Sunday Supper.

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