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posted on April 23, 2006 at 12:33 pm


I went to Rathbun’s with my friend…we’ll call her E. We found ourselves at Rathbun’s last Wednesday. We were both anxious to see how it had been holding up. Neither of us had been in over a year. My last meal there was fabulous. They had some spaetzle like pasta dish with a truffled cream sauce. Heaven. This visit was a bit different.
We lucked out and scored the chef’s table. Too bad he did not get there until the middle of our dinner. We ordered the following:
Monkfish picatta: While the monkfish was an interesting item, a veal piccata at Alfredo’s would have tasted the same if not better.
Meyer lemon and ricotta raviolis with marcona almonds: Good. Not as bright as I would have like but the almonds made for an interesting contrast of textures.
Hot-smoked salmon tostadas: I just cannot begin to describe how disgusting, yes disgusting these were. Overdone…overthought…just bad.
Veal scallopini with pancetta: Pretty good. Missing a heck of alot of salt. Nice chunks of pancetta and arina cheese (a goat gouda).
Raw thai beef salad: The Thai beef salad was just horrible. Sinewy meat, lacklusture flavor and it made my stomach start hurting after the frist bite.
Fries with blue cheese fondue: The fries incident was weird…we got an order of the fries with blue cheese fondue. We got soggy, lukewarm fries with a fondue that did not taste like blue cheese at all and was a thin as water. The waitress suddenly came and whisked it away (we had said nothing) replacing it with a new fries and much thicker fondue. The replacement was not any better…do they not blanch their fries in oil?
Grilled artichokes: They said they were fresh and grilled. Turns out they are grilled in Italy, then shipped, then mixed with olive oil. They tasted like it according to E.
Crispy duck with Thai risotto and green-curry essence: The duck arrived rare after being ordered medium rare. We sent it back and it came back well-done. There was so much ginger in the risotto that it burned my throat and I literally could not eat it.
My previous meals here (about a year ago) were awe-inspiring. I really believe the resto has gone downhill or is on its way there. I don’t think it was how we were ordered. There was no love behind any of the dishes. The service was a joke…I have never seen so many people standing around doing nothing in my life. The management, however, was gracious and comped our meal eventhough we attempted to pay. We ended up at Krog Bar and had a bit of cheese, chocolate almonds and dessert wine. I don’t intend on going back to Rathbun’s for a long, long time. There are so many better meals to have in this city…I’d rather go to One Midtown. I was really impressed by my recent meal there.


Address: 112 Krog St NE
Phone: (404) 524-8280
Website: Rathbun’s
Cuisine: American
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  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: markx · September 2, 2006  6:27 AM

    We had a similar experience at Rathbun’s a few months back. I think it was the “grilled artichokes” that really did it for us, as well. We expected them to be grilled in the kitchen, but nope.

  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · September 19, 2006  6:46 AM

    We went to Rathbun’s with a group of 6 last night. I was completely underwhelmed. I ordered the salmon special that tasted like I purchased salmon at the grocery store and put it in the oven with no spices at all. Another person in our party had the flat iron steak which was so stringy we couldn’t cut it with the Flintstone sized knife they brought to us. I asked our server for a riesling that wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too dry… we ended up with a wine that was more sugary than the desserts. I agree that the staff was pretty oblivious to everything. I have absolutely no interest in going back. Maybe it could have never lived up to the hype, but all in all a very bad experience.

  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 2, 2006  11:53 AM

    Wow! I’ve eaten there at least once every couple months since they’ve been open, and never had an experience like those quoted above! (Maybe I’m getting special treatment as a member of the restaurant industry.)

    Personally I think Rathbun’s is the best restaurant in Atlanta. The food is inspired, consistent and delightful. Especially the hand-written daily chef specials.

  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: bill moore · December 17, 2006  2:36 PM

    i live in inman park. have been to rathbuns approx. 40 times since they opened. have been to krog bar about 20 times. the culinary experiences have been nothing short of excellent each and every time. the flat iron steak is one of my favs and it has always been impeccable. maybe the reviewer was cutting it agianst the grain. people, please dont listen to these reviewers!!!

  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · June 12, 2008  5:21 PM

    we went over the weekend for the first time in a while and every bite was fantastic. good service, great food. perhaps it is time to give it another whirl…

  • Re: Rathbun’s: Atlanta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · June 14, 2008  5:00 AM

    I have been since on two occasions and my opinion is still very much the same. I do love Krog and Steak though.

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