Pura Vida: Virginia Highland

posted on May 15, 2006 at 5:32 am

Went over to Pura Vida for dinner last week. I had never been because it was always full whenever we stop by and we rarely do the reservations thing. We ordered quite a few dishes. I let the boy order some this time so we got a good mix. Here is the quick and dirty version of the dishes and our thoughts on them. First came the Papitas Bravas. These are little fried Peruvian gold potatoes with a wicked avocado sauce. I really liked this dish (pictured above).
Next came the Squid ceviche which was a special that night. It was not my favorite. The peas were almost raw and the squid was very fishy. Good concept but mediocre ingredients.

Hanger steak skewers with chimchurri sauce: I enjoyed these. They had good flavor and were well seasoned.

Serrano ham and olives: Pretty basic dish. Olives were good and so was the ham even though it was a bit dry.

Yucca croquettes: I loved these. We both did. Great texture and flavor. Also really enjoyed the dipping sauce that they came with.

Duck and maduros napoleons: This was good. The duck was a bit salty but the sweetness of the maduros balanced it out nicely. Great idea.

Malanga crepes with bacalao, huitlacoche and truffles: I was intrigued by all the different flavors in this dish and decided to order it. I was pretty disappointed. It was so bland. No salt whatsoever and the textures were just off. Not something I would re-order.

Medianoche sandwiches: Great flavor but they were ice-cold in the center. Would order again and ask that the make sure they were warmed through.

Churros with chocolate cappuccino: I really love churros. Hard to find a good one so I thought this might be the exception. No dice. They pre-cooked them so they were dry and cold. They need to be hot or they taste stale. The chocolate was great though. Really rich and delicious.

Verdict: Kitchen seems to be doing too much prep and not enough actual cooking when the orders come in. They need to clean up some sloppiness because they have a very nice concept that will continue to do well if they pay more attention to the food. 


Address: 656 N Highland Ave

Phone: (404) 870-9797
Website: Pura Vida
Map: Pura Vida
Cuisine: Latin, Tapas
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  • Re: Pura Vida: Virginia Highland
    posted by: kim · October 7, 2006  8:42 PM

    hi, you should try pura vida again, my boyfriend recently became the sous chef. 🙂
    so I’m biased, but I wanted to let you know I had the same reaction as you to the churros when I had them a couple months ago. So the last time I went with my friends we asked if they could make them warmer; and they did, with the filling on the outside. Turns out that apparently they do them that way now, so you should try them again!
    next time you’re there try the malanga chips too… almost as good as the yuca fries… yum!
    I enjoy your blog by the way!

  • Re: Pura Vida: Virginia Highland
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 8, 2006  5:02 AM

    Thanks Kim. I was just debating a re-visit with my friend last night. He is a local chef and really a big fan. He said I need to go when Hector is there.
    I will def. go back soon. Thanks fopr reading and posting!

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