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posted on September 1, 2009 at 10:07 am

Creative Loafing
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Atlanta INtown Paper

“Serenbe: A sustainable and scrumptious sanctuary” (4/08)

“The most important meal of the day” (3/08)

“Valentine’s gifts your sweetheart will savor” (2/08)

“Freshly cut french fries”(1/08)

“Bubbly basics” (12/07)

“A guide to buying your Thanksgiving turkey” (11/07)

“Olive oil: 101” (11/07)

“I Vant to Be Alone” (10/07)

“Timeless Treats” (9/07)

“The Bliss List” (8/07)

“The Blissful Glutton: Specialty Food Stores” (7/07)

“The Blissful Glutton: In the Mix” (6/07)

“The Blissful Glutton: Woodfired pizzas” (4/07)

“In search of women and food” (3/07)

“Valentine Recipes For Two” (2/07)

“In search of…Fried Chicken” (1/07)

“New Tastes, New Traditions” (12/06)

“Shop Local, Eat Global (11/06)

Atlanta Magazine

“Everything you need to know about…eating local.” (May/08)

“Get a room” (12/07)

“Everything you need to know about…Mexican Markets” (11/07)

“Sweet Grass Dairy” (07)

“Currying Flavor.” (9/07)

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  • Re: Published pieces by Jennifer Zyman
    posted by: Paolo · June 18, 2009  5:50 PM

    Hi Jennifer, how do we get a review of our restaurant? Do we have to subscribe to an ad or how does it work exactly?

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