Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee

posted on September 26, 2005 at 10:39 am

My sister knows her Pho. She went to Pho Tan Tan the other day and this is what she had to say about her meal:

“I eat Pho at least twice a week and am constantly searching for new places to try. I remembered a recent review stating that this place had the city’s best pho. Although I had a bad experience there (bugs on the lettuce served with my spring rolls), I thought I would give it another go. The restaurant was a pretty empty as usual. I grabbed a table and ordered my spring rolls and Pho. The aroma was nice but the broth was quite cloudy. I tasted it before adding my usual black bean sauce, hot sauce, bean sprouts and fresh herbs. The flavor was average at best. The meat was bland and my noodles were mushy and stuck together (this never happens at the other places I frequent). I couldn’t even come near to finishing it because the serving was too big. Most places I know offer multiple sizes of Pho. The spring rolls looked and tasted good. However, they were way too greasy. I only got one down before I started to feel sick. I don’t plan on returning. There are many other better choices in town. I recommend Pho Dai Loi on Buford Highway or Jonesboro Rd. My experiences at both locations was very good. Clear, rich broth. Perfectly cooked noodles. Fresh herbs. A variety of quality meats to chose from. Check it out.”


Address: 4646 Buford Hwy
Phone: 770-455-9474
Cuisine: Vietnamese

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  • Re: Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · October 2, 2005  4:44 AM

    Here’s a potentially dumb question…

    How does one pronounce pho?

    I’ve always pronounced it “fah” as that’s how the Vietnamese Pho house I liked best in Thailand pronounced it.

    Living in LA, that pronounciation always worked fine for me, too.

    But… I recently moved to Atlanta and went to a noodle house here. I ordered it as I usually do, and the waiter looked at me blankly.

    So I pointed at it on the menu…

    He was like… “Oh… you mean the poh.” (his pronounciation)

    So… now I’m feeling insecure about how I say it. have I been wrong all these years? Do they pronounce it differently down here (maybe its the Southern twang?)? Or was this noodle house guy totally wrong on how to say a primary item on the menu at the restaurant he works at? (“No, sir… that would be the hamboooorgeh.”)


  • Re: Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 2, 2005  2:29 PM

    I’ve always pronounced it “Fo” but I can’t really give you a def. answer. I’ll ask someone next time I go to a Vietnamese restaurant though.

  • Re: Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · October 3, 2005  9:39 AM

    I found this great mystery to be worthy of research.

    Looks like the closest English pronounciation of the word sounds something like “fur” or “far” but with an intonation that’s almost inquisitive… (like… “Fur?”).

    Upper right… there’s even an MP3 you can listen to.


  • Re: Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · September 14, 2006  12:38 PM

    I myself love Pho Dai Loi. My favorite place use to be Pho Bac but they started putting too much meat and little noodle. In reference to pronunciation of “pho,” there are 3 dialects of vietnamese but pho is uniformly said the same throughout.

    Pho=”fuh” like “duh”
    Pho Ga (chicken)= “fuh gah”
    Pho Dac Biet (special)=”fuh dahk beit”

  • Re: Pho Tan Tan: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · December 4, 2007  9:46 AM

    the comment above is correct regarding how to pronounce pho:
    sounds like ‘duh’.
    there is a pho restaurant in seattle called “what the pho”
    pretty funny.

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