Pearl’s (JinJu) Garden: Suwanee

posted on November 29, 2010 at 7:04 pm

I hate the fact that the Korean barbecue options on Buford Highway have become few and far between in recent years. I guess it is because everyone’s opening in Duluth. And just when I thought the sprawl couldn’t go any further–and after a desperate plea on Twitter for something new–one of my followers (thanks, @jengardens!) told me her brother had found Pearl’s Garden BBQ (45 Satellite Boulevard. 770-689-9333) in Suwanee. I followed up like any good addict.
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee
Pearl’s aka JinJu sits in a shopping center next to a doughnut shop. The restaurant is pretty spartan, but the menu has loads of choices and the ‘cue is charcoal. Charcoal, people! My curiosity was especially piqued by these pricey, multi-course menus. WANT.
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee

We started with some dumplings, which were good, but a little greasy. No matter, we were here for the cue.
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee
We tided ourselves over with some spicy pork-belly while we waited for our main meal to arrive. It was awesome. So awesome my friend and I ended up fighting over the last bits of pork.

Wait, did I mention they serve CHARCOAL barbecue?
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee

It was finally time. We chose an unmarinated version and a marinated version.
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee
Both cuts were excellent. The meat had plenty of flavor indicating it was allowed to soak up enough of the homemade marinade. A word to the wise: your waitress, while very nice, may leave your meat on way too long. Don’t be afraid to take it off before it gets too cooked (observe below).
Pearl's Garden BBQ: Suwanee

Verdict: Delicious charcoal barbecue that’s worth a visit if you are in the area or just a little out of the way. I really need to go back for one of those family dinners and some more of that pork.

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