Oriental Pearl: Chamblee

posted on June 7, 2006 at 4:20 am
I used to like the old Oriental Pearl. It was some of Atlanta’s best. They also had the curry squid dish that my Boyfriend is hopelessly addicted to. I hate to tell ya but it was not that great. The interior was great but the food was not up to par. We got there early too. 10:30 to be exact. The shrimp did not taste fresh and the dumpling skins were gooey and tasted like metal. The congee was very fishy and just not that good. Boyfriend did enjoy the tripe though. Maybe just a fluke but I wont be going back for a while. I will stick with East Pearl.
Address: 5399 New Peachtree Rd
Phone:(770) 986-9866
Map: Oriental Pearl

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  • Re: Oriental Pearl: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · June 28, 2007  9:26 PM

    Worth a try again. It went buffet for a while (different owner?) and is now back to restaurant & dim sum. Better IMHO than it was just before it went buffet but perhaps not as good as “the good old days”. We did well there even at 10:30 on a Saturday.

  • Re: Oriental Pearl: Chamblee
    posted by: Jen · May 18, 2009  10:22 AM

    Might want to revisit. I go there every now and then for dim sum – definitely the best you can get in Atlanta. Granted, nothing like what I get when I go to Houston, but still very good. And easily better and far cheaper than what they try to pass off as dim sum at Aja!

  • Re: Oriental Pearl: Chamblee
    posted by: Anonymous · May 18, 2009  1:02 PM

    Just curious – does anyone go to Hong Kong Harbor on Cheshire Bridge for dim sum? It’s my current fave. The salt and pepper shrimp dumplings (deep fried) are the best! We used to go to Oriental Pearl (but the quality took a nose dive so we stopped) sounds like we should revisit.

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