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posted on April 11, 2006 at 4:07 pm

I am still catching up on restaurants that opened when I was living in San Francisco. I had never eaten at One and was curious because the Chef was chosen to compete on Iron Chef (the Japanese version is a guilty pleasure of mine). My friend and I headed over for an early dinner before the Linton Hopkins Mushroom event (which sadly got cancelled due to the death of Farrow Beacham). Here is the quick and dirty version of what we ordered.
Spring onion soup with white truffle and a doughnut: Pleasant…the truffle was hiding and the soup lacked acidity. Average flavor. The gruyere stuffed yucca croquette was divine though.
Mussels and a side of fries: we got through a few mussels before surmising they were from a bad batch. Did like the touch of the micro-cilantro. Had never had those before. We sent them back. The fries, which we also sent back, were a bit soggy and they came back crisp and delicious. I think my dining companion wanted more seasoning though. She likes salt way more than I do.
Shrimp noodles with chicken broth, tempura shrimp, pickled cabbage and green onion: Noodles made from shrimp and transglutasomething. I loved the flavor and the texture. The broth was rich and a bit salty from the soy but really yummy. I loved the tempura shrimp and the addition of the pickled cabbage…I could eat a big bowl of this for dinner.
Berkshire pork sous vide (pictured above) with soy bean succotash, pickled grapes and sweet and sour cabbage: Yum! Yum! Yum! The pork was sooo tender and perfect. Super-smoky like bacon minus the cured taste. The pickled grapes (loved the sour flavor) and succotash really complimented it well. Loved it. Wish I had had more time to savor all the flavors. We were running late for the event because We are the kind of annoying patrons that tend to take a while to order and eat our food. Next came the Crispy flounder with smashed peas, Guinness reduction, chunky tartar sauce and malt vinegar jelly: Another winner. The flounder was so crispy and not greasy at all. The smashed peas were creamy–I am making those at home soon. The malt vinegar jelly was the standout though. Such a great idea. The Guinness reduction was intense but appropriate. The tartar sauce, which I normally avoid, was actually good.

The bottom line: Knowledgeable and gracious service. Solid food if you order well. Fun wine list set-up. The chef was on his honeymoon and the food was still great. Totally worth the visit. I hear the tasting menu is the thing to do.

Address: 559 Dutch Valley Rd NE
Phone number: (404) 892-4111
Website: One Midtown Kitchen

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    posted by: Anonymous · August 1, 2008  7:31 AM

    I recently went with some coworkers after work to have some appetizers and drinks. We had a great time! The Calamari and Cheese Plate were my favorite; I couldn�t get enough!

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