Off the beaten path in Los Cabos

posted on July 25, 2007 at 8:01 am
As much as I love my dear city, getting away is a necessity for my sanity–I have always had a serious travel bug. I am a total beach bum and Mexico is a close destination with plenty of options for the weary urbanite in need of a little decompression. Los Cabos is probably one of my favorite spots because it is remote, full of natural beauty, and has plenty of great places to eat if you know where to go–you have to be careful though, because there are ugly tourist traps with some seriously tragic food. I am lucky to have Mexican-born parents who have been coming here for quite a while. So, I just let them choose and I am never disappointed.
First stop: the Ceviche bar at Las Ventanas al Paraiso–a breathtakingly beautiful resort that really gets the whole “desert chic” design concept.
Cabo: Las Ventanas
My view from the restaurant

Cabo: Las Ventanas
Random beauty at the resort.

Best margarita I have ever had
Best margarita I have ever had.

Cabo: Las Ventanas Ceviche bar
Salsa and fresh totopos (chips) for the ceviche.

Cabo: Ceviche bar at Las Ventanas
One of the many ceviches from the ceviche bar with white fish, cilantro, tomato, and onion. Truly the food of the gods.

Cabo: Las Ventanas
More random beauty at the resort.

After spending a few hours in the blazing sun, we headed to town for some lunch. My Dad took us to Dona Tota Gorditas–located in a strange little mall in the city center–and it was fabulous.
They take their gorditas seriously
Good food takes time…

Cabo: Dona tota gorditas
Gordita guru at work.

Cabo: Dona tota gorditas
Gordita with beans and cheese–I could have had ten of these.

We then headed to a seafood spot called Rossy that serves huge cocktails full of local seafood and some amazing fried fish tacos.
Cabo: Rossy

Cabo: Rossy
Aguachile: Raw shrimp, cucumbers, and red onions in a very spicy chile water. So fresh I thought the shrimp were going to jump off the plate.

Cabo: Rossy
Seafood cocktail full of snails, octopus, scallops, shrimp, and white fish. The fill the glass with chilled shrimp stock and you mix in of the many salsas at the table to your taste.

Cabo: Rossy
Fried fish and shrimp tacos before being covered with slaw and salsa from the condiment bar.

Cabo: Rossy
Tacos ready to go.

Dinner that night was an odd little place in San Jose del Cabo called El Chilar. They aim to be a wine an tequila bar with some very off-putting fusion dishes (e.g. pasta with cilantro pesto and ground beef), but there are a few dishes that are amazing. Great selection of tequilas and their sangrita is spicy and tart–a perfect compliment to the heat of any of their tequilas.
Cabo: El Chilar
I got the tlayuda and I was not sorry. The meat was so tender and smoky. A perfect compliment to the crisp cabbage and tangy cheese that covered the dish.

Well, that is about it for now. It has been raining this morning, but the sun is back out and the beach is calling. Stay tuned for more in the next couple of days…

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  • Re: Off the beaten path in Los Cabos
    posted by: Debbie · August 1, 2007  2:37 PM

    Would love to hear more about your favorite spots in Mexico! Am planning future trips to San Miguel de Allende and the area between Manzanillo & Mazatlan. Thinking also of Baja and La Paz. Any suggestions

  • Re: Off the beaten path in Los Cabos
    posted by: Uncle Seymour · August 7, 2007  2:00 PM

    Ach, bubeleh, my tongue is hanging out for that shrimp thing. Nice stories from Mexico!

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