Off the beaten path in Los Cabos: Part two

posted on August 2, 2007 at 7:58 am

Nothing like a little desert beauty and the sound of crashing waves to make one feel ever so peaceful. When we had enough energy to pull ourselves off of our beach chairs, we made trips to town which yielded some amazing meals-here are some of the highlights.

My Dad found this spot called La Fonda which features specialties from all over Mexico. Nice spot with an open kitchen and great service. I would definitely recommend it if you are in the neighborhood.
Cabo: La Fonda
Chef in the kitchen at La Fonda.

Cabo: La Fonda
Green chorizo sopes

Cabo: La Fonda
Sopa Aztec (the broth is on the bottom of the platter with the toppings).

On our last night, we went to a restaurant called Don Emiliano in San Jose del Cabo for dinner last night and it was a big suprise. Seems the chef is a big proponent of the Slow Food movement and her food was better for it. The thing I liked was how she featured dishes from her friends on the menu.

I shared the antojitos platter with my Mom and had some fried grasshopper tacos for the first time. Definitely interesting.
Cabo: Don Emiliano
Antojitos platter

Cabo: Don Emiliano
Closeup of the grasshoppers and guacamole

Cabo: Don Emiliano
My main was the lamb cooked underground in a banana leaf—so tender and delicious.

Cabo: Don Emiliano
The chef makes a special salsa with chorizo fat and ten chiles that was so good, we asked for some to go which they were nice enough to put in a water bottle for safe traveling. Amazing stuff!

Towards the end of my trip, we got very lazy and had lunch a couple of times by the pool.
Here is a photo of my lunch one day.
Cabo: Las Ventanas Grill
Ceviche with fresh totopos (chips)

Cabo: Las Ventanas Grill
and some seriously spicy habanero salsa that would make the biggest heat fiend reach for a tall glass of water.

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