posted on August 23, 2007 at 6:29 am
Lots of little bits to share with you guys from the past week or so. No full-blown reviews, but plenty of eating.

Paid a visit to Les Fleur De Lis Cafe recently and I have to say it was the worst meal I have had in quite some time. They had no wine on a Saturday night and we waited 45 minutes for our appetizers and then 30 for our mains. The food was no good and the whole restaurant seemed like it was about to collapse into a black hole. It was uncomfortable to be there I cannot find anything positive to say about the place. My entire party got very ill later that evening. I have to recommend you stay away.

Had a very good meal at JCT. Kitchen last week. I wasn’t expecting much because my last meal there was so-so, but the place has really gotten into a groove. I absolutely love the decor and service is always friendly and unpretentious. I had the iceberg wedge which had a delightfully creamy blue cheese dressing, crisp radish slices, and thinly-sliced fried onions. Great start to the meal. Next was the shrimp and grits which is hands down the best shrimp and grits I have had in Atlanta–this was the summer version which does not have any sauce. Dessert was blueberry beignets, which were a bit tough and not sweet enough despite being topped with copious amounts of powdered sugar-good concept though. My friend had the scallops which she really seemed to love. I will definitely go back if the food continues to be this clean and satisfying.

Went to Restaurant Eugene for my birthday dinner with a few girlfriends. Now, it pains me to write this because you all know how much I adore this spot, but the food was not on point. This is the second time this summer that I have been and not been satisfied with my meal. While the flavors are normally very clean, my plates seemed muddled and sloppy. I had the sous vide pork belly to start and the pork was divine, but the grits and sauce were over-salted and gummy. Not pleasant. My veal duo was just weird. No salt and the butter beans on the bottom were salty and mushy. The only texture was from the sweetbreads that were almost like carnitas they were so crisp. The dish never came together for me. Desserts were uninspiring. The dough for a fried peach pie was a bit raw in the center and the beautiful peaches just got lost–I ended up eating the peaches and leaving the pastry. The funny thing was my friends, who are much more forgiving, were the first to express their displeasure with the food. Service was spectacular as usual–their GM has to be the best in town. I’ll forgive them for now because it is my favorite spot, but I am really sensing a shift in the composure of the plates…

My second birthday dinner (yes, second) was last night at MF Sushi Bar. I am absolutely hooked on Chef Ito’s style and approach. He is at his best when you engage him and let him take you somewhere new. His uni hand roll was the most gorgeous hand roll I have ever had in my life–seriously. Get there soon before he goes to the new Buckhead location.

After dinner my chocoholic date and I went over to the Chocolate Bar in Decatur. Cute space, but the decor kind of irked me–I get the whole brown paint=chocolate thing, but it did not feel very cosmopolitan and I expected the space to be a little sleeker. Service was spotty, but the menu was super fun. We ordered some of the locally-sourced chocolates (chocolate-covered hibiscus, anyone?), and a couple of desserts. The “Oreos and Milk” was my favorite of the night. Two slices of chocolate souffle with a white chocolate ganache in the center and milk sorbet. It was impossibly light and I loved the addition of salt and sugar to the dish. Destination-worthy. We both agreed we’d like to come back and try more things.

Openings for this week:
Dancing Goats Cafe is now open and the address is 419 West Ponce De Leon in Decatur across from Watershed.

Fox Bros BBQ is gearing up to open this Friday. I am not the biggest cue fiend, but they are definitely my fave in town. They will be located at 1238 Dekalb Avenue. The number is 404-577-4030.

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