Nibbles: April 18, 2007

posted on April 18, 2007 at 5:35 am

As I am sure you can imagine, I eat at many restaurants throughout the week. Many don’t become a full post with photos, but you guys still need to know the score before heading out to spend your hard-earned cash. I thought I would start an ongoing feature, which are shorter snapshots (is that even possible?) of where I have been eating and food shopping.

Here is my past week of eating out:

Tasty China: Seems that the chef has left the restaurant, but the quality has not gone downhill (yet). Here is the rundown of our meal last Monday: Hot and numbing beef rolls: Good. Maybe a bit more numbing than before, but still good. I don’t think I will ever get tired of these.
Hot and numbing dried beef: Not as dried as before, but just as flavorful.
Shan city chicken: Just as good as before if not better. The pieces of chicken were very crisp and the heat was still there. The heat was more manageable than before.
Noodles with meat sauce: New dish for us. Boiled noodles and bean spouts served in a bowl. A pork sauce with an underlying wine flavor served on the side. Would have like a bit more sauce to put on, but the flavor was there and quite good.
Dry-fried eggplant: Just as good as ever. Man, this dish is addictive.

Bone’s: We were craving a steak the other night, so we headed to Taurus because I had never been. We quickly made a bee-line for the door after we saw the menu and sat in that dining room which felt like a theme park. I like an old-school steak house that feels like a men’s club with leather, wood, and cigar smoke. I used to frequent a place in SF called Harris’ where I was the only woman there on many a night-loved it. Our meal at Bone’s was great and the service was exceptional. There menu has not changed one bit, but I still think it is one of Atlanta’s best steakhouses. Solid.

Huong Giang: Went with my sis and The Nibbler for dinner this past Saturday. My sis and I shared the beef cooked in vinegar, the lotus root salad, and the spring rolls. The Nibbler ordered a pork shank soup that she seemed to really like. My sister was not too crazy about the beef, but I liked it. The lotus root salad was, as my friend E. says, “addictive.” Good service. Not the best Vietnamese in Atlanta, but worth the visit if you like this cuisine. The pork paste bun is still my favorite dish on the menu.

South City Kitchen: I took a friend for brunch this past Sunday and boy, was it horrible. I ordered the biscuits and lobster gravy. What a mistake. The first attempt was cold, so I asked them to heat it up for me. When it finally came back with my poached eggs, I got a taste and realized the temperature did not matter. Salty, salty, salty. The lobster was mealy and it was basically inedible. They took it off our bill when the waitress saw I had not touched it. Nice service, but the kitchen had some serious problems. We were sitting on the balcony right over the kitchen and saw other dishes come back as well. Anyone have similar experiences there lately? I may have to withdraw my recommendation for their brunch…

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