Nibbles and one news byte

posted on May 22, 2009 at 4:05 am

Ah…Nibbles. My fail-safe instrument to let readers know where I’ve been and what I’ve been eating. How I’ve forgotten thee. It’s nice to get reacquainted.

Social: Midtown
I finally made it over to
Social with Disposable Income’s Molly and the fabulous Beth K. a while ago. What an adorable little place! I had some grilled merguez sausages over Puy lentils and a delightful eggplant caviar served with crostini. The food was good, not great. But I loved the atmosphere and the sangria was perfect. I can’t say I would go back for dinner, but can imagine this becoming a regular hangout for wine and tiny noshes.

Social on Urbanspoon

Johnny Cakes: Castleberry Hill

Hit Johnny Cakes for some breakfast with the charismatic Jonathan Baker of Pop Death Squad and Citysearch Atlanta’s editor at large. The food–pancakes, eggs and hash browns–was decent, but nothing spectacular. Everything was missing salt and they were out of Johnny Cakes, which I found a touch odd. The best thing about the place–aside from the decor–is the fresh juice bar. I ordered a pineapple and apple juice, which was deliciously tangy and frothy. But the price was a little steep at around $6 for a glass of juice. Not a destination, but good if you are feeling peckish and happen to be in the hood.

Abbatoir: Westside

Abbatoir opened last night and we paid them a visit to see what chefs Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison had done with space and menu. Seems the excitement wasn’t contained to my party as I saw many industry folks there. The menu is very meat-centric as promised. Since it was opening night, it’s unfair to critique the place yet. But I have to say we had a lovely meal and our bill–that included 10 dishes, 2 bottles of wine, a few beers and some cocktails–only rang in around $189, which was a steal considering how much our party ate.
Abbatoir: Westside
An assortment of items from the cured menu: Lamb rillette, foie gras with Armagnac, tuna in oil and salt cod.

A lot of thought went into everything from the oversized napkins to stunningly simple yet eclectic decor. I have a very good feeling about this place. Stay tuned for my full review in a month or so.
Abattoir Chophouse on Urbanspoon

In other news…
Moonie recently asked me to his Missus and I accepted after a chain of hilarious proposal events that couldn’t have been more perfect when it comes to this pair of fools. So, I am taking a deep breath and diving into the dark and scary waters of wedding planning. I just hope I don’t mutate from an “anti-bride” into a bridezilla before it’s all over. Pray for me and my Moon.
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  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Anonymous · May 22, 2009  5:04 AM

    Congratulations, blogger whose blog I have somehow become addicted to. Best of luck.

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Anonymous · May 22, 2009  5:19 AM

    Don’t do it!

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Anonymous · May 22, 2009  5:19 AM


  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Sheena · May 22, 2009  5:39 AM

    Next time I’m in town, Abbatoir is on the list. Congrats on the engagement!

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Sudhir · May 22, 2009  6:28 AM

    Congrats on the engagement!

    How many people were in your party at Abatoir? $90 pp is a bit different than $40 pp.

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · May 22, 2009  6:30 AM

    Thanks everyone!
    Sudhir: we had four people in our party. I thought the price was very reasonable for the type of establishment and quality of food. We could barely finish it…

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Deanna · May 22, 2009  7:04 AM


  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Cathy · May 22, 2009  12:39 PM

    congrats! It’s been a long time since we caught up, maybe we can do it soon and bring the men too. Don’t worry too much about the wedding planning, I didn’t and it turned out just fine. Just remember to have fun. 🙂

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: mandym · May 22, 2009  5:43 PM

    Congratulations and mazeltov! Here’s to many years of happiness together

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Ciambellina · May 24, 2009  6:49 AM

    Glad you made it to Social. I think it’s a great addition to downtown — in fact I can’t think of another place in the city that so makes me feel like I’m abroad. The way that it’s small and casual is very much like the places I frequent in Italy.

    Also: congratulations on your engagement!

  • Re: Nibbles and one news byte
    posted by: Fred Brown · June 1, 2009  1:40 AM

    Your Abattoir post is featured on the Brown’s Guides home page this morning.

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