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posted on May 14, 2010 at 10:18 am

Ah. Farmers’ markets are in full swing again. There’s nothing like a new wave of produce to get my creative cooking juices flowing. I’ve been hitting the Peachtree Road Farmers’ Market for the past few weekends instead of Morningside. The newish farmers’ market has really grown leaps and bounds since it started. I still supplement my visits with trips to The Local Farm Stand outside of Star Provisions, where I found the lovely strawberries and fava beans last week. I made jam out of the strawberries and a beautiful fava puree to serve with some lamb chops. Spring is here!

One of the main draws for me at the Peachtree Road Farmers’ Market is the H&F Bakery stand where I got this AWESOME pimento cheese, which we used as a dip for these farm fresh breakfast radishes.

We also used the pimento cheese to top some burgers I made using Holeman’s famous hamburger buns and some grass-fed beef from Riverview Farm.


The King of Pops has continued to build its fan base. The little cart is located on the corner of N. Highland and North Avenue on most days. IMG_0607

The King told me the original plans for a shop may be put off, which makes sense since you can find his pops at so many places–like Cabbagetown Market and Irwin Street Market–now. You can find the King on Twitter to follow his schedule and flavors of the day.


Moon and I paid a visit to Iron Age with some of our good friends for a night of barbecue and fun. My review comes out next week in Creative Loafing, but I had to tell you guys about this new beverage our friend, Gene, introduced us to. It’s a rice beer called Draft Makkoli from Korea and it is delicious. It’s slightly fizzy and has a little tang. The restaurant sells each bottle for around $16, but you can get it at Super H Mart for $4.99, which is a steal considering how easily this stuff goes down.


Well, I finally got around to visiting Farm Burger in Decatur. I kept my expectations low because I’m a little sick of the burger fad even though I do suffer from crazy burger lust. The place was bumping. I’m going to withhold judgment until I visit again, but here is a little burger porn for those of you who are curious about the new eatery.


Pickled eggs


Fries and onions rings


My friend’s burger

Farm Burger on Urbanspoon

I paid a visit to Chef Liu with Moon because the dumpling craving was strong. As I was leaving, I noticed Don Pepe’s–the little taco shack in the same shopping center–has moved into Chef Liu’s former space.


I’ve never thought much of Pepe’s tacos, but I’ll give them another try because more space sometimes translates into improved food. Developing….

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  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Edward · May 14, 2010  1:59 PM

    Hmm, Don Pedro is the taco shack that’s in the same shopping center as Chef Liu. I’ve not heard of Don Pepe’s … must be a new place?

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