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posted on August 5, 2011 at 8:00 am

I have a little news that’s exiting for me: in case you haven’t heard, Moon and I are expecting a baby in December and I also accepted as position as the Editor of Eater Atlanta. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you heard the news a couple of weeks ago, but I did want to post something over here. You may be wondering what this means for this site. Well, since my work over at Eater Atlanta (follow Eater Atlanta on Twitter or Like us on Facebook) is a bit more involved, I’ll be cutting back on my work for Creative Loafing although I do aim to write 1-2 reviews for them a month and contribute to special food issues such as The Best of Atlanta, which I just turned in my picks/write-ups for this past week.  My cutting back at Creative Loafing is good news for this blog. I hope to have more time to post original content. And you all thought I had abandoned you after six years together!

I have lots of eating to catch you up on. Since I am knocked up and super lazy, Moon and I have been eating out a lot – maybe *too* much. I was going through my phone today and had a “holy shit I need to write about these meals now” moment. Here are some nibbles for you in case you’re hungry for ideas or just in the mood for a little iPhone food porn.

While Moon’s brother was living here (he works on a popular television show that was filming here for six months), Miller Union became one of his favorite haunts. So, it was only fitting we take him there for his last meal in Atlanta. Chef Steven Satterfield and team did not disappoint.
Homemade charcuterie platter. Note the “duck jelly” at the bottom right.  It was a big win with the table.

My shrimp boil.

One of chef Pamela Moxley’s ridiculous new desserts. Specifically, the upside-down blueberry cake.

Miller Union on Urbanspoon

Tom Maicon of Food & Beer (formerly Atlanta Cuisine) recently wrote about Franco’s Italian Tavern and gave its pizza high marks. Since my search for New York style Pizza is never-ending in Atlanta, I went up one weekend and also used it as an excuse to get some BB’s bagels. The menu is quite large, but we focused on pizza-mainly a NY Style and a classic Italian pizza. The difference, from what we could tell, being the cheese.

NY-style upskirt


Margherita upskirt.

Verdict: Good crust texture and flavor. Sauce very bright on both pies. Biggest problem was both pies were not seasoned so none of the flavors popped. Not a bad pie if you live nearby, but Verra-Zanno still reigns supreme for NY-Style pizza. What else you got, Atlanta?

Franco's Italian Tavern on Urbanspoon

Smashburger is rapidly expanding all over Atlanta. A location recently opened near my house so I thought I’d give it a go one day for a quick lunch. I went super basic and got a cheeseburger and fries.
Before I assembled.


Verdict: My expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the food. Good, soft bun. Well seasoned meat that tasted fresh. Even the fries were good. All in all, not a bad addition to the area although I would still choose Five Guys over it. I will, however, be returning.

Smashburger on Urbanspoon

A lot of my friends are crazy for One Eared Stag so I went by to see what the story is. In short, the menu is inventive with some fun things to try, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in the execution of the dishes (the squid in my fish stew was a bit undercooked) and service can be very very odd. I also found the vibe very strange. Maybe because little has changed since it was Shaun’s? There was, however, one dish that
This was the best strawberry shortcake I have ever had. No joke. The biscuit was salty, not too sweet, and super flaky. The strawberries were also perfectly tart so the dish wasn’t a cloying sugar bomb as many are. Ditto for the whipped cream. I need to get back here for this dessert. Amazing.
One Eared Stag on Urbanspoon

I have been to No. 246 twice since it opened. Once for dinner and again for lunch.
My dinner was exceptional with the agnolotti with corn and mushrooms being the standout. My husband’s braised rabbit pasta was also very good. I really enjoyed the toasts (pictured above) that were fun even if they weren’t perfectly prepared. My lunch was just aight. My porchetta sandwich was a bit salty, the jus tasted super fatty, and the fries – while handcut and tasty – lukewarm. Still developing although I am really enjoying the menu and space. The noise level, however, had me hoarse at the end of dinner because my talkative self had to practically shout to be heard.
No. 246 on Urbanspoon

The funny thing about pregnancy is that you wake up in the morning with a craving and you MUST eat that NOW. Today, it is a cheesesteak from Roy’s in Marietta. The other day it was a Medio Dia from Super Pan. Still one of my favorite sammiches in Atlanta. Just look at this beauty.
Super Pan on Urbanspoon

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  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Laura · August 5, 2011  8:39 AM

    Congratulations!!! I’m going to have to give No. 246 another try – on my first (and only) trip I found all 3 dished we tried to be under-seasoned. Loved the wine list though!

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Susie · August 5, 2011  8:52 AM

    Congratulations on the baby and the Eater gig! As a recent NY transplant, I used to follow Eater NY religiously so I am thrilled to hear that an ATL version is coming soon. I’ve also followed/read your blog for a long time but have never commented. Your blog has been so instrumental in finding good and new joints to dine at since we’ve moved down here. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and Eater ATL!! 🙂

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: blissfulglutton · August 5, 2011  8:54 AM

    Thank you both! Susie: Eater Atlanta is live. We launched July 21sy. You can follow along at

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: jonnymack · August 8, 2011  2:29 PM

    Congrats! With your vast food knowledge and large range of tastes I can’t imagine how all-over-the-map your cravings must be. Moon will be busy. Best of luck to you on a healthy pregnancy, motherhood will change your life but you will love it.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Tina · August 9, 2011  9:46 PM

    Congratulations Jennifer! So happy to see this news of the upcoming new addition to your family. The job that pays the bills has kept me out of the food blogging/twitter world for quite a while so I’ve been out of the loop. It’s time for me to play catch up-I’ll have to check out your work on Eater Atlanta! BTW…today I finally stopped by what might be my new favorite taco spot in ATL (El Senor Taco on BuHi…yum)

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Kev · August 12, 2011  2:33 AM

    Congratulations Jen. It’s nice to have a new foodie in the world.

    Here’s hoping he or she inherits your good taste and your and Moon’s good looks.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Anabel · September 26, 2011  11:26 AM


    P.S. That upside blueberry cake needs to come to Toronto…it looks devine.

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