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posted on April 15, 2011 at 8:30 am

As the diet charges on (20 lbs gone so far!), I’ve found I need a splurge day once a week so I don’t go insane without a little something sinful. One week, it might be some pasta. Another, a burger. The next, a Sublime doughnut (noms). Having a day without deprivation has really helped me stay on track. These “splurge days” are also the time when I can check out something new or revisit an old favorite like Fogo de Chao–a place a lot of people don’t like, but I secretly (not anymore) love.
Fogo: Buckhead
We took Moon’s brother for his birthday and, man, it is still as good (and crowded) as ever. I’m even thinking of deviating from my usual Japanese or Korean love fest with a side of karaoke and having my birthday dinner at Fogo this year. Yeah, I like my meat.
Fogo de Chao Churrascaria on Urbanspoon

We went to the newly opened Raku Ramen + Tonkatsu, which is located next to the Super H Mart on Pleasant Hill. Being a ramen-otaku, I was super excited to eat there (especially considered the lovefest happening on other Atlanta food blogs), but our meal fell incredibly short of my expectations. Scattered service–like my husband’s ramen just never arriving.

Weak and watery broths across the board.

My ramen.

Moon junior’s ramen.

Thick tonkatsu with no flavor.

The dumplings were the only redeeming part of our entire meal. I’m sad to report that, as of today, this is not a destination. I was actually so dissatisfied with my meal that I went to Dan Moo Ji afterwards to grab some spicy rice cakes. Win.
Raku Tonkatsu + Ramen on Urbanspoon

We visited Kaleidoscope Bistro after reading a very favorable review by Christiane Lauterbach, the only person whose advice I follow when it comes to restaurants. Seriously, the woman is a goddess. I was especially intrigued by her mention of the incredible burger (big surprise). Before the burger, a little ambiance.

Berkshire pork rinds. Good form.

Really good chicken wings made with Springer Mountain Chicken and a homemade sauce that was kick-ass. I love the smattering of blue cheese just applied directly to the wings. Only downside was finding a few wings to be very undercooked.

My burger, which was honestly just okay. The meat tasted kind of like a hotel room service burger and was underseasoned. Definitely not splurge-worthy like Bocado or Five Guys. Yeah, I said Five Guys. Fries were kind of meh–definitely frozen.

Moon’s fish and chips, which he declared excellent.

Verdict: Not a destination, but I can see it why the restaurant appeals to people. It’s quirky spot with a nice patio and an interesting–although almost weirdly 90’s–menu. Can’t say I’ll be back though.

Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub on Urbanspoon

I’ve also been to Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand a few times recently, but I am holding my tongue for my review, which will come out in Creative Loafing eventually.

Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand on Urbanspoon

In other news, according to the Georgia Asian Times, Nam Phuong (one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants) is slated to open a second Atlanta Location on Buford Highway sometime in April. Moon also spotted a new Thai restaurant called Thai Pointe on BuHi, which we will be visiting as soon as they have had time to settle in.

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  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: jimmy · April 15, 2011  5:22 PM

    The only person whose advice you follow? I see how it is! 🙂

    Excited to hear about a closer location of Nam Phuong.

    Agree re the tonkatsu at Raku, but I liked the clean flavor of the ramen. Was not intense/rich, but mine wasn’t watery.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Nom Nom Nom · April 18, 2011  11:25 AM

    Still following Christine after eating Kaleidoscope? I stop taking her advice years ago. Either her tastebuds are charred after years of smoking or the PR reps are getting to her.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: Valerie! · April 20, 2011  4:09 PM

    At Kaleidiscope, try their signature burger with chow-chow, cole slaw, pimento cheese, and homemade pickles. That’s the show stopper. Or their mahi mahi tostada or firecracker tuna. The servers will tell you that the regular burger and fish & chips aren’t worth it…

    Hope that helps and you’ll try again! The Brookhaven cocktail is amazing!

    Love your webiste!

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: jim · April 23, 2011  5:10 PM

    Do you know what is the name of the new viet restro that is taking the place of Pho#!? Pulled into the parking lot today to ask one of the workmen outside and he said it is going to open next week but would not be Pho#1.

    Sad, first pho place I ever ate at and still enjoyed it over Pho Da Loi till the end.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: jim · April 23, 2011  5:15 PM

    Also, the former Atlanta International Market in Plaza Fiesta has now re-opened as Fiesta Market. Not as much Asian selection as the former but a lot cleaner. No cooked food section other than bakery items.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: blissfulglutton · April 24, 2011  3:40 PM

    Sadly, I don’t, but will try to find out.

  • Re: Nibbles and news
    posted by: jim · May 1, 2011  6:48 AM

    Never mind, it’s the new Nam Phoung. The put the sign up

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