posted on May 25, 2008 at 6:19 am

When researching my fish and chips story for Creative Loafing, I went over to The Brick Store Pub in Decatur to check their version out. The fish and chips were a downright disaster! The batter was thick, gummy and soggy. The fries were also cold and limp. It tasted like the dish had sat for a good while before being brought to our table. To make matters worse, the server’s attitude when I sent it back (it was that bad) was a big turn off. She treated us like we were trying to skip the bill even though I had just taken one bite so we included the cost of the fish and chips and an added 20% tip (on top of the original amount) when we signed the check. I will give them credit for having one of the best beer selections in the city, but the unprofessional service and below average food really turned me off.

Lasagnette with bolognese
Caesar salad
Sotto Sotto continues to be one of my favorite Italian places in the city. Went with a friend for an impromptu dinner and it was great as usual. My salad and pasta were perfection and so soothing. Since I wasn’t drinking any wine, we got out of their for $25/each after tip. Not bad considering the quality and portion size. Still going strong after all these years.
I went to Frank Ma’s for lunch this weekend before checking out “Iron Man” with Moonie (I am kind of a closet comic book fan). Sliced fish in hot oil, bok choy in garlic and my favorite noodle dish in the city, noodles with ground pork and bean curd in black bean sauce (Frank refers to it as the “special noodle”). Frank was trying out a new dish–slices of beef and cilantro wedged in a sesame encrusted bun–and it was really good (especially after a douse of some chile paste). Frank and Amy never fail me when the craving strikes.
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  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Anonymous · May 25, 2008  6:14 PM

    Be sure to try the F&C at Taurus in Midtown. Get ’em at the bar. Best I’ve ever had.

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Anonymous · May 27, 2008  11:51 AM

    It is mind boggling that a pub with such an excellent Beer and Ale selection, has such mediocre food.

    They need to revamp that menu and get a skilled cook in the kitchen, pronto!

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: /dev/nall · May 27, 2008  5:53 PM

    Give Brisckstore’s fish & chips another try and ask for the chips “extra-crispy”. It sounds like you got them on a bad night; they usually make what I consider to be the best fish & chips in town.

    They have a good rotating cheese plate selection with some interesting picks too. It’s more fun pairing cheese and beer than it is cheese and wine.

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