posted on March 14, 2008 at 5:49 am
Floataway Cafe: Atlanta

Floataway Café
This has to be one of my favorite places to eat in Atlanta. The menu always makes me smile and I have not had a bad meal here in ages. Not crazy about the redesign and the service is always iffy. But, my food was on point last night. Got a beautiful roasted beet salad (pictured above) with local chevre, radishes, mache and slices of avocado. My steak frites was perfect. Smoky meat cooked at the right temperature and the fries….oh the fries. They are my favorite in Atlanta. Still going strong after all these years.

Stella Neighborhood Trattoria
Went to this new Grant Park Italian place. Great service, but they are still getting their rhythm down in the kitchen. Standouts were the arugula salad and cod fritters. Pasta dishes lacked salt and the meat in the pork dish was tough. The polenta that came with our braised short ribs was an odd shade of grade, but the grass-fed meat from Riverview farms was tender and tasty. While I appreciate the attempt at making pizza a bit healthier with the wheat crust, I am just not a fan. They are using local ingredients, which is a huge plus. And, I can totally see this place becoming a family-friendly joint for neighborhood locals.

Made a return visit to this little gem since my “first impression” and I’m still loving it. We tried the brandade, which was buttery and a total joy to eat. Still making our way around the paella selections, we went for the soupy paella with lobster. It was good, but I prefer the Valenciana. Splurged and got some of the Iberico, which the chef came to slice at our table. Although it is pricey, it was worth the splurge. My only complaint was the sangria, which I found to be very weak on flavor. Service was great and it quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in Atlanta.
Photo of forbidden rice at Beleza courtesy of DDanzig on flickr

After a completely disappointing meal here with the previous chef, I went to check out the new menu and chef. Cocktails—specifically the passion fruit capirnha (swoon)—have to be some of the best in the city. But, the food fell flat for me once again. The homemade root chips were a nice start to the meal, but the salsa completely bored me. The forbidden rice (something most people rave about) was too al dente for my taste and so cold it made my teeth hurt. Same problem with the farro salad. Interesting use of ingredients, but not destination worthy like Ullio’s other restaurants such as Cuerno and Sotto Sotto.

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