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Dynamic Dish is still dynamic: 2
I wanted comfort food today since it is freezing cold outside. I went over to Dynamic Dish, which is quickly becoming one of my fave places to have lunch. The owner, David Sweeney, made me as the Blissful Glutton since he remembered me taking photos (and my friend “Moon” confirmed it on his last visit there). I ordered the special which was a substantial portion of mixed greens with olive oil and balsamic, a sweet potato puree (the best sweet potato puree I have ever eaten–no joke), black-eyed peas and cornbread. Sweeney sent out a complimentary bowl of his creamed leek and turnip soup topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil (which I paid for) and it was quite good. All very homey and lovely. The thing I like most about this place, aside from the honest food, is the atmosphere. I always feel like I am eating at my friend’s home.

Went to check out the new chef at Sala in VaHi for a couple of quick bites after a movie on Saturday. We only ordered a few items–ceviche, elote and enchiladas with chicken–which were all pretty average. I wasn’t blown away, but I am a tough critic when it comes to Mexican food. The elote was very good–couldn’t stop eating it or the homemade tostadas that came with it. The enchiladas were not that great–think it was because there was so much stuff piled on (chunks of radish, cheese, shredded lettuce, etc.). Not bad, but not great either. The ceviche was decent, but lacking any real pop. The key lime margaritas were excellent and served straight up in a martini glass. My friend and I had 2 each. I would like to go back and try more dishes. Not passing out a verdict quite yet. Stay tuned on this one.

Had the pastrami sandwich at Star Provisions over the holiday and was so disappointed. First time I have been displeased with a meal from the to-go area. They forgot to toast my bread and the inside was full of fatty meat and cold blocks of cheese. I had 3 bites and left the rest on plate. I still love the place, but that was one sorry sandwich.

Ended up at Rathbun’s for dinner the other night. While most of my meal was average, the hearts of palm, proscuitto and grapefruit salad was inspired and crave-worthy. My Kansas City prime rib in a sauce made of bone marrow and caramelized onions was not half bad either and cooked perfectly. Been a long time since I had been but was quite the change since my last visit.

Ethnic grubber extraordinaire, Steve Drucker, is reporting that Frank Ma’s, the Taiwanese and Shanghainese restaurant with a cult following that closed some time ago, will be reopening on January 7th in Chinatown Square. Mr. Drucker reports that the Shanghai soup buns at the original restaurant were some of the best in Atlanta. I’ll report back.
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  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Joel · January 3, 2008  10:31 AM

    Regarding the note about Frank Ma having the best Shanghai dumplings in town, his dumplings were made by Chef Liu, who obviously has her own place now. I wonder if that means no soup dumplings on the menu.


  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Freddie Sirmans · January 6, 2008  4:39 PM

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  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: David · January 14, 2008  8:08 AM

    I love this site, and you absolutely fascinate me.
    Now on to food comments. Firstly, where do you go for good pastrami? Your mention of fatty pastrami actually has me thinking this is what I’m looking for…. I dream of good pastrami, but haven’t found any in this city. Heard that there’s one sunday a month where something goes down at Twains in Decatur but haven’t tried that.
    Secondly, where are the great ceviche places in town? Recently was surprised to find very good ceviche at Macchu Picchu on south buhi.. Don’t know about the rest of the food, cuz i just ate the ceviche for a meal. Left with a smile.

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Anonymous · February 17, 2008  8:14 PM

    David, goldbergs makes their own pastrami. It’s not on the menu but if you ask for it they will give it too you. It is amazing!!!!!!

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