posted on September 13, 2007 at 9:40 am

Been to Fox Brothers BBQ a few times since it opened and the jury is still out. They have loads of fans, but my experiences have been ranged from mediocre to stellar. I have enjoyed the pork and mac and cheese on a fairly consistent basis. They have only been open a few weeks, so I want to give it a bit of time before I render my verdict.

Grabbed a shrimp po’boy from Just Loaf’n on Boulevard and it was not good at all. I could barely stand to take a third bite the batter on the shrimp was so intensely salty. Pass this one by.

Grabbed some baklava from Jerusalem Bakery in Marietta yesterday. The stuff is one of my favorite versions in town–nice crisp layers of pastry, plenty of honey, and loads of finely chopped nuts in the filling. Gorgeous.

Had a shawarma at Pita Palace for lunch on Tuesday. Seems they have a cornish hen version on Tuesdays. I am normally a falafel girl, but this was way good. The meat was so juicy and flavorful. Their hot sauce (not a harissa) uses habaneros and it is awesome on any of their sandwiches.

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Top Flr on Myrtle and Ponce. I went for the first time last night and we ordered the hanger steak with roasted vegetables, the pizza margherita, and the pappardelle with pearl onions, duck confit, mushrooms, and arugula. The space is very tight and the furniture is a little rickety. The pizza was average–the crust was more like a flat bread and the slices of tomato were a bit sloppy to eat. The hanger was well-prepared and cooked to my friend’s specifications–he seemed to enjoy his vegetables as well. My pasta was a great idea, but it was poorly executed. There was no salt and the pieces of duck were overcooked and more like duck jerky. The arugula was mysteriously absent from my dish. I will give them credit that they make everything (including the pasta dough) in house. Good price point with a funky vibe, but they need some serious work on the food and service.

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  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Anonymous · September 13, 2007  11:51 AM


    How be you?

    You know Jerusalem Bakery changed the baklava recipe from the early days? You know why? You have made a positive impact. They changed the recipe due to your initial post. Cheers and good work. I love the pies when fresh out of oven. You?



  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 13, 2007  1:50 PM

    I can definitely tell the difference. I also like the pitas and spinach pie things. I love the cheese from the fridge with olive oil, chile flakes, and some of that pita fresh out of the oven. Lovely.

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