posted on September 29, 2008 at 6:17 am
La Pietra Cucina: Midtown
We went to La Pietra Cucina based on Cliff Bostock’s review and the fact that chef Bruce Logue used to work at Babbo–one of my favorite NYC Italian spots. Moon got the squid in tomato sauce and the black spaghetti with rock shrimp. Both of them were absolutely delicious and the squid (pictured above) was oh-so-tender. I ordered the tuna appetizer and the pappardelle bolognese. The tuna was gorgeous–especially the bright cucumber broth moat around the stack of raw tuna and avocado. My pasta was good, but the fresh noodles were slightly overcooked and the sauce could have been reduced more. I normally don’t mention the breadbasket, but the homemade grissini were absolutely delicious (I got greedy and asked for a second helping they were so good). The restaurant is still undergoing renovations so we dined in the makeshift dining room, which will actually be a private dining area when the updates are complete. The outdoor patio seems like it will be a great spot to dine once the heat breaks for good. *In the interest of full disclosure, we discovered that we knew one of the waitresses working there, but she did not wait on us.
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Wasabi: Castleberry Hill
We were trying to save gas because I was on empty and Moon only had half a tank so we walked over to Wasabi for some sushi and sake. Although I normally order sashimi, we went for some rolls since that seemed to be the thing to order here. My favorite was the “Cherry Blossom” box sushi, which was very clean and tasty. My only complaint was that the fish–while fresh–was very cold. I find that there is a very delicate line between too warm and too cold that most place have to master when serving raw fish. When fish is too cold, the flavor is muted. Despite that one complaint, we had a nice meal and the staff was great. It was also quite affordable and the sake was delicious. We both said we’d go back the next time we got a case of the lazies and wanted to dine somewhere in my hood. 
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The Earl: East Atlanta
Ah, The Earl. We all know that the food is not the best. But you cannot beat the atmosphere, jukebox and greasy food when an excess of sake calls for something very unhealthy. 
The Earl: East Atlanta
Patty melt with shoestring fries

The Earl: East Atlanta
Nachos with guacamole, chicken and beans. 
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  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Tim · September 29, 2008  10:20 AM

    I am new in town and very recently checked out The Earl. I also ordered the Reuben, and found it to be better than most sandwich shops I’ve visited. Here’s some photographic evidence.

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Alisonian · September 29, 2008  2:11 PM

    That reuben looks an awful lot like a delicious patty melt!

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 29, 2008  5:40 PM

    LOL. I am so not on my game today. It is a patty melt. Oy vey…

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Tim · September 30, 2008  12:23 AM

    I didn’t want to say anything, but I was wondering why our reubens looked so different…

  • Re: Nibbles
    posted by: Kali · October 6, 2008  2:49 PM

    I love Wasabi. Nahn is a wonderful chef and host. My fiance and I have chosen to have our wedding reception there because of the excellent food and service!

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