Naughty Noshing: "The Lopez" at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

posted on April 7, 2009 at 2:57 pm
Life is full of “aha” moments, but today’s was especially relevant to this blog. I was sitting at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and saw an order of “The Lopez” going by. I’ve been nursing a stomach bug for the past five days and my appetite has been pretty much non-existent unless you count Mexican saltines, Korean white bread and Coke. But the mere sight of this heap of grease was enough to elicit that familiar I-must-taste-that-now urge. I immediately regretted ordering it after the waitress left, but relished every bite I could shove in my greedy face before my senses told me it would probably be a good idea to cool it. If that is not gluttony, I don’t know what is. So, I guess I should embrace the truth I’ve been avoiding for so many years: my name is Jennifer and I really am a glutton. That feels good to type out loud.
But seriously folks, order this monster.
Fox Bros. BBQ
Fox’s crispy tater tots covered in brisket chili studded with massive chunks of tender beef and a blanket of oozing cheese dripping in and out of every crevice. A dash of hot sauce just takes it to the next level. A must-order gut bomb of carb-y gooey love.
Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon
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  • Re: Naughty Noshing: "The Lopez" at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
    posted by: xojc · April 17, 2009  5:48 AM

    I had my first order of the Lopez last night. Sinfully delicious!

  • Re: Naughty Noshing: "The Lopez" at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
    posted by: Anonymous · May 21, 2009  9:42 AM

    Are you only on twitter now? I miss the blog. To be honest, don’t enjoy twitter the way some people do.

    —A fan

  • Re: Naughty Noshing: "The Lopez" at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · May 21, 2009  9:45 AM

    No. I am still here trying to post whenever I got a free moment. Sometimes it is just easier to shoot off one-liners. I have plenty of content to post, but no time. And I feel sick about it. Work is killing me. And I am also embroiled in my house being under construction, which takes a lot of my focus. I also recently got engaged so I am smack dab in the middle of wedding planning. I haven’t gone anywhere…stay tuned.

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