Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"

posted on February 12, 2009 at 6:20 am
A weird thing has been happening lately. Every person I dine out with has been talking about his or her guilty pleasures. You know, food items you love, but don’t dare reveal to your hardcore gourmet/gourmand/foodie friends. We all have them. I sure do.
When I was growing up, my parents (thankfully) never embraced the American convenience food lifestyle. The only mainstream cereal boxes you found in our cupboard were Cheerios and the occasional box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch if we pushed my mom hard enough. But I ain’t complaining because we had plenty of stinky cheeses, charcuterie, homemade Mexican food, loads of goodies my dad would smuggle back in his suitcase on business trips and my mom’s unrivaled lemon pepper popcorn she’d make in her battered and bruised Le Creuset dutch oven. 
My parents’ decision to keep our food “clean” and culturally diverse obviously started my life-long love affair with food. But I swear I was at the Steak n’ Shake drive-thru the minute I got my food freedom in the form of a license, my hand-me-down car and some spending money from my after school job as a cashier at a drugstore. 
My tastes have changed as I’ve grown older, but I still pop over to that same Steak n’ Shake on Northside for a burger twice a year. You may not be a fan—we all have our fast food burger loyalties—but my fellow “Takhomasak” lovers will be happy to know that the company is offering 15-cent burgers tomorrow from 8a.m.-11a.m. to celebrate its 75th anniversary
As long as I am coming clean, I’ll let you guys in on another dirty little food secret of mine: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (ducking). 
Moon and his equally discerning daughter prefer the puffs, but I like the traditional style. They are crunchy, super spicy and even my parents—who would normally scoff at such over-processed food—load up on them for plane rides. The company makes a version with lime that are oh-my-god-I-can’t-stop-eating-them good, but I haven’t seen them around Atlanta in a while. I discovered a bag of Flamin’ Funyuns the other day that might trump the Cheetos when it comes to Flamin’ snacks. A word of warning: these things will stain your fingers and knuckles bright red, but the indulgence is worth the extra round of hand-washing.
So, do you have any naughty noshing secrets you’d like to confess? Spill it. I promise I won’t say a word.
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  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Aubrey · February 12, 2009  7:41 AM

    Ellio’s Cheese Pizza….There’s something so good about that cheesy rectangle.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Anonymous · February 12, 2009  7:49 AM

    You hit pretty close to home here with your two…I am not a fast food person in the least, but I still have the occassional hankering for a steak n’ shake Frisco Melt and Cookies n’ Creme milkshake (zaxby’s is the other fast food place that can hit the spot occassionally).

    I don’t like the spicy cheetos (haven’t tried the spicy funyuns yet… although I had wasabi funyuns in portland a few years and they were not so good), but plain ol’ hot fries are awesome! The only other snack food that was pretty awesome and a good guilty pleasure were the Trader Joe’s wasabi wontons, but it looks like TJ has stopped producing them.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: mingaling · February 12, 2009  7:58 AM

    I have a sick love for Tostino’s – type frozen pizzas. And Krystal. My god, I love Krystals.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Lucy Kelly is a-comin'! · February 12, 2009  8:42 AM

    OH MY GOD.

    Lime and Chile Cheetos are one of my favorite guilty foods ever. Did you ever get lime and chile Fritos in Atlanta? They were in Chicago 10 years ago and I haven’t seen them since, but they were delicious.

    Of course, I’ve never been ashamed of my love of junk food. I love McDonald’s AND truffles and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: ATL_Boilers · February 12, 2009  10:03 AM

    I can’t get within about 50 miles of a Jack ‘n the Box and not stop for a couple of the tacos.

    I am a big fan of the jalapeno cheetos

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: jimmy · February 12, 2009  10:12 AM

    I love the Mrs. T Frozen Periogies as a snack. I boil them then saute them and sauce them up with mexican salsa, buffalo sauce, or some sort of soy sauce mixture and they are awesome.

    Also I love the frozen taquitos.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: CM · February 12, 2009  12:08 PM

    My mom doesn’t even know what fastfood is! So, like you, when I finally had that coveted license, I’ve had to sneak in a sack (or two) of Krystal burgers: with cheese and “off-the-grill” please.

    P.S. That’s Krystal staff lingo for no pickles, no mustard 😉

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Anonymous · February 12, 2009  7:00 PM

    I have maintained for a long time that Cheetos are coated in crack dust. I can’t resist them. I think the fries at the Porter Beer Bar have also been coated with the same kind of dust.

    I also like Fig Newtons… I think one of the narrators in an A.M. Homes story referred to them as “sort of a medical food”, which is exactly how I feel about them… something you can eat in bed when you are sick.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Leslie Ann · February 12, 2009  9:33 PM

    I completely agree with above comment that Cheetos are covered in “crack dust”. It does not help that my aunt works for Frito Lay and gets them for free. Basically right off the line. So bad for my hips.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Anonymous · February 13, 2009  11:09 AM

    red baron frozen pizza……….yummy!

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Anonymous · February 14, 2009  1:58 PM

    Popeye’s is the best friend chicken in Atlanta. And I have had them all. Trust me.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Lillian, Criminal Records · February 16, 2009  8:05 PM

    First, re: “these things will stain your fingers and knuckles bright red,” the solution is to eat them with chopsticks. I try to eat all my junk food with chopsticks because it keeps my hands clean (no one wants Cheeto dust on the keyboard, right?) and it prevents me from wolfing down the whole bag. Well, okay, it slows me down a bit.

    My guilty pleasure is, or was, Zesto. Chocolate shake (double malted), fries (with extra salt), and those fish sandwiches. I just returned to my vegetarian roots, so I’ll have to find another guilty pleasure.

  • Re: Naughty noshing: Bliss comes "clean"
    posted by: Buddha · April 11, 2009  10:19 PM

    I found this site in search of takis fuego. My dad brought them home yesterday, and I can’t believe how amazing they are! I can’t really comment on this steak place ( never been ) but my favorite junk food craving is mainly hot cheetos ( they came out with giant asteroids, I saw them at ralph’s yesterday. And pretty much any flamin’ hot product, I will scarf down. I also love metromint and ramune. Two of my favorite drinks in the planet. Metromint is a mint flavored water that is really refreshing. Comes in 4 varieties of mint. Ramune is a lemon flavored soda from japan, that comes with a marble. Much love from California!

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