Nam Chun Hong/Man Chun Hong : Doraville

posted on February 8, 2006 at 1:45 pm


My friend, who really knows their Chinese food, suggested this place after the AJC gave it a favorable review. Open kitchen, hand-stretched noodles and dumplings. Most of the dishes we had were essentially Chinese. I was excited at the prospect of fresh noodles but they fell flat in my eyes. The cha jang mein, noodles with black bean sauce and onions, was really blah. The noodles were too gummy due to the excess of starch which really polluted the dish. The seafood soup, which I did not try, was not adequately spiced according to my companions. The dumplings were just okay. Our first batch was undercooked, the second much better and the third just not good at all. Unbalanced flavorings and sloppy cooking in my opinion. The only dish that had any merit was the tofu in spicy sauce. It was not as spicy as we asked but decent. It had one of those sauces made of cornstarch which I really don’t ever like in any cuisine. The tofu was nice and soft though. You could barely pick it up without it crumbling between your chopsticks. 
Verdict: An pretty underwhelming place to be quite honest. Not worth the trek in my humble opinion. 


Address: 5953 Buford Highway, Suite 105
Cuisine: Korean, Chinese
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  • Re: Nam Chun Hong/Man Chun Hong : Doraville
    posted by: Anonymous · February 24, 2006  5:43 AM

    My wife and I went by there Thursday PM, 4:30is, closed. Cha you and Mr. Cha need to open this place eariler.

  • Re: Nam Chun Hong/Man Chun Hong : Doraville
    posted by: ob2s · October 26, 2006  11:54 AM

    I think they have gotten their act together, I’ve been twice in the last 2 months (now 10/2006) and the cha jang mein was perfect and the noodles quite separate feeling in the mouth. The seafood soup (jambong) was VERY spicy. A very good dish to try is a split (combo) of these 2. The Black Bean sauce provides welcomed relief from the spicyness of the seafood broth. Another nice thing about the black bean sauce is how the flavor of pork shines through. I haven’t tried anything else, though I should.

  • Re: Nam Chun Hong/Man Chun Hong : Doraville
    posted by: Anonymous · January 13, 2008  8:30 PM

    It seems to me that you probably ordered off of the korean/american manu. There’s a seperate menu for more authentic chinese food. if you ever do feel like giving it another shot, make sure you order off of that menu and try the chef’s specials. I am Chinese myself and I think the food there is fairly authentic and good.

  • Re: Nam Chun Hong/Man Chun Hong : Doraville
    posted by: Kim Seung Hae · April 28, 2012  3:41 PM

    Bad service! Hate it!

    Yes food is good but with bad service nobody will go there. No wonder business is bad! Please if anybody know the owner tell him that hygiene is the first in serving people. Smelly table and water sitting in the counter for hours without closing are bad! Especially for those who are allergic!

    And, be ready to know chinese because two chinese waiters will make fun of you in chinese thinking you don;t understand them!

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