Muss and Turners: Atlanta

posted on September 30, 2005 at 12:11 pm

What’s with all the fuss about this place? Their market items and cheese selection were average and way overpriced. I have to admit I liked the idea of the sous vide items but was concerned with how long they’d been held because the cured meats looked way past their prime. My sister couldn’t find anything on the menu that wasn’t the size of her head but ended up with a chicken sandwich that was too salty and way too much food. I had a small beet, goat cheese, and hazelnut salad that was blah. I didn’t even finish. I ordered some half-sour pickles to go. My sis said she watched the owner drop one on the floor then place it back in the jar while I had my back turned. Nasty. The staff seemed to be a bit overwhelmed and not too savvy. They weren’t even close to being busy or full. I had ordered a soup to go (which was not that great). I had to stop them from adding the rye croutons to the container. Does it make sense to add croutons to hot soup that will be eaten hours later in your world? It doesn’t in mine. Overall, it just was not worth the trek out to Smyrna. I’ll stick with Whole Foods and Alon’s. Thanks anyway.
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Specialty Foods, Grocery

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  • Re: Muss and Turners: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · October 5, 2005  10:26 AM

    I agree about muss and turners. The chefs are from the fifth group restaurants, which in my opinion, are extremely over rated.If I saw someone put back a pickle off of the floor,back into the jar, I would go nuts.Whole foods has better food, and better selection, plus, they move the food faster.

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