Mouthful: Korean Barbecue, the charcoal edition

posted on May 23, 2009 at 4:12 am

Hanil Kwan: BuHi
The “bread skin” (thinly sliced brisket) at Hanil Kwan

HANIL KWAN: Unlike many Korean barbecue establishments, this restaurant shies away from the dark, cavernous look and feel. Instead, the dining room is filled with natural light that pours in from the many windows. Any of the marinated beef selections are tops. But step outside of your comfort zone and order the “bread skin,” thin slices of marbled beef that curl and caramelize on the charcoal grill. The banchan is the only drawback, as it tends to be a little limp on most occasions. However, the large varieties of beef and excellent service make up for this shortcoming. 5458 Buford Highway, Doraville. 770-457-3217.

CHOSUN OK: The atmosphere at this “reclaimed” restaurant is as drab and rundown as it gets on Buford Highway, but the food is always fresh and superb. The restaurant utilizes charcoal — a key element in attaining a caramelized char — and the marinade is well-balanced and flavorful enough to permeate the meat. A generous assortment of banchan — from crunchy chunks of radish drenched in kimchi to roasted new potatoes — changes from visit to visit. Click here to read the rest...

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