Manchester Arms Pub: College Park

posted on March 22, 2006 at 2:04 pm

I went here to try the fish and chips and shepherd’s pie today. I have to say it was average and kind of blah. Now, don’t come back at me with the English food is bland thing because it is just not true. My recent trips to London have yielded some very exciting and delicious meals.The fish was fresh but the batter was soooo under-seasoned. I put vinegar and salt on it but it couldn’t be helped. Good fries…needed salt too. I am sensitive to salt so I can only imagine what someone who likes it would think. The shepherd’s pie was well-prepared but under-seasoned as well. Shame that they seem to use good ingredients but are seriously lacking in the seasoning department.
Address: 1705 Virginia Ave
Phone: (404) 763-9980
Map: Manchester Arms
Website: Manchester Arms
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  • Re: Manchester Arms Pub: College Park
    posted by: GadgetGeek · March 23, 2006  2:45 PM

    Good looking pic Bliss. You always amaze me.

  • Re: Manchester Arms Pub: College Park
    posted by: flourpwr · June 23, 2008  5:34 PM

    In the neiborhood today and wanted some fish and chips – so stopped in to have a Boddington’s and the old english standby. You’re right that a little seasoning could be added but I like my fish with malt vinegar so that did the trick for me – and at least they have good fries which are closer to the real “chips” served in England. I am not a fan of the chips served that most people in the US know as “potato chips”, at least with this menu item. That’s what I find most other places with their “fish and chips” Wish I could find the real english chips, i.e., sliced and fried potato wedges.

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