Man Doo: Duluth

posted on July 22, 2008 at 8:41 am


Moon and I went to go grab some Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu only to find that there had been a change in ownership and concept although they are still serving the fried chicken I raved about after my first visit. The new owners have updated the space a tad and it felt a bit more posh. The chef came to our table after we asked the waitress about the change. He told us he used to make the Korean dumplings at The Buford Highway Farmers’ market so we had to order some along with our fried chicken.

Kimchee dumplings pictured with the accompanying pickled daikon and kimchee cabbage: The dumplings had very delicate skins and the filling was tasty although we found the the ratio of egg to be a bit overwhelming. They are served with the chef’s homemade soy sauce that was not as salty as other soy sauces and quite nice. The kimchee was very crunchy–not limp at all. 


Close-up of the dumplings.


Fried chicken: Just as crunchy and delicious as the last owner’s version. We were not too crazy about the sauced version and recommend you go with the plain chicken and grab some sauce on the side if you are craving that sweetness. 

Verdict: Worth the visit. If you cannot decide on one type of fried chicken or dumplings, the restaurant is nice enough to offer mixed orders of each. The servers and chef/owner were very friendly and even showed the kid in our party how to stretch a dumpling wrapper. We’ll be back.


Address: 2550 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Phone: 770-476-8599

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  • Re: Man Doo: Duluth
    posted by: Weremonkey · July 23, 2008  12:27 PM

    I had been wondering where the dumpling man from the farmer’s market went. I missed him. Glad to know he’s the chef at a new restaurant for me to try.

  • Re: Man Doo: Duluth
    posted by: S for Kitchen Confit · July 24, 2008  8:34 AM

    Looks good. Don’t know if I would ever find this place without having come across your review.

  • Re: Man Doo: Duluth
    posted by: Jim ATL · July 31, 2008  11:39 AM

    Is it just me, or did you have hesitate even a second before eating a dumpling at a place called “Man Doo”?

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