Maitake madness at Nakato

posted on November 3, 2008 at 9:47 am

Image borrowed from the restaurant’s website

I have made no secret about my love for Nakato Restaurant. However, I don’t go here for sushi or teppanyaki. I always eat in “The Garden Room” because its menu has loads of Japanese classics including my beloved shabu shabu. Although their fabulous “October Fest” is over, the restaurant is serving some delicious dishes made with maitake mushrooms to honor the season. The specials will only be served until the season ends (they source them from Seattle). If you do go, make it a Wednesday or Thursday so you can take advantage of their discounted sake and wine prices. Love this place. 
Address: 1776 Cheshire Bridge Road, 30324 
Phone: 404-873-6582
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