M.I.A. but still nibbling

posted on November 11, 2007 at 5:58 am
Yes, dear readers, I know my dining posts have been few and far between lately. I was kidnapped by the diet police. Being a glutton is not so blissful when you start to look like one!

No South Beach/Atkins/fat free nastiness for this gal. Just moderation and exercise. Deprivation diets never work. Please bare with me for this brief slowdown as I reset to my pre-blog weight. 12 lbs gone and about 20 more to go…

Don’t fret…I have been eating out, but not as much as usual. Here are some of my Nibbles for the past week.

I love “rediscovering” restaurants. Went to Babette’s Cafe on a whim the other night for an early dinner with my brother from another mother, “Moon.” I had not been in a long time, but it is still going strong. Chef/owner, Marla Adams, really has a gem on her hands. It feels so European and very homey. The menu is an impressive, but simplistic approach to French-inspired cuisine. Solid cocktail and wine selections–Moon had a Pimm’s cup, which he really liked. I got a romaine and arugula salad dressed in a vibrant and surprisingly light lemon and thyme dressing–I want that recipe. Moon got a bowl of roasted squash soup that was soulful and perfect for the weather. We both went for the cassoulet, which was a bit on the soupy side, but very tasty. And over all strong meal with the exception of the espresso which was kind of weak and lacking in the crema department. No worries though. I will not be letting too much time pass before I pay them another visit–their brunch menu looks to die for.

Babette's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Star Provisions has a pastrami sandwich back on the menu. I sent over a credible agent over to check it out and the report was “delish.” If you go, don’t forget to get some hot sopressata from the meat counter. It is ridiculously good.

I was fortunate enough to secure a seat at the Michael Ruhlman cooking demo at Viking the other day. Michael was very humble and down to earth. He made us some great food and it was a fun experience. I will be posting a recap with dishes later on this week.

Was in Miami last week after our trip to the Dominican for my Grandmother’s birthday got canceled thanks to Noel. Hit Prime 112 which has to be one the best damn steakhouses in the country and Versailles for some Cuban at one of Miami’s oldest restaurants. Also grubbed on some Argentinian “sandwiches de migas” which are devilishly addictive finger sandwiches on steroids with fillings like Roquefort and crumbled boiled eggs–trust me, they are insane.

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for more this week and happy eating.

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