Lunching at Dynamic Dish

posted on August 16, 2008 at 5:37 am
I took my sister over for her first visit yesterday. All of the food had great flavor combinations but I did have a few minor complaints. 
Dynamic Dish
Beet, horseradish and chevre pate with apples and cucumber salad: Great flavor but a bit of a mess to eat. The bread was not toasted–I am sure there is a reason–so the pate flopped onto the plate after every bite.  I do have to say that I found the $10 price tag a bit hefty for what was essentially pate on toast. 
Dynamic Dish
Cucumber salad
Another thing that has irked me about this adorable eatery is the service. I don’t mind waiting around for good food and having a lazy lunch, but this is the second time I have not received an item that I ordered. And, though I have forgiven it in the past, when I am paying a for an entire bottle of Perrier, please chill it. To her credit, our server did chill it for us after we asked but that should be a no brainer.  
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  • Re: Lunching at Dynamic Dish
    posted by: S for Kitchen Confit · August 17, 2008  1:26 PM

    That is a great picture of pate! Looks really good.

  • Re: Lunching at Dynamic Dish
    posted by: Breba Fig · August 21, 2008  1:54 PM

    The food is so artisanal and lovely, I would eat there more often ( at least a few times a week) if the prices were a little lower, like $6 or $7 for the pate and bread, $7 a sandwich. I had the most heavenly sandwich there recently and its well worth the price for the quality.

    As for the water, I personally like water served European style; room temperature … and I can’t recall their house filtered water being served chilled either, just with a lovely thin slice of lemon. “no brainer”? hmm. Maybe its intentional.

  • Re: Lunching at Dynamic Dish
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · August 21, 2008  2:47 PM

    “European style?” Hardly. I was just in France, Italy and Spain in May and not one restaurant served their water at room temperature. And, I have never had it served in such a manner on any of my other visits to Europe or when I lived in Paris. Furthermore, I stick to my original comment that serving cold water when the temperature is a balmy 98 degrees is a “no brainer.” Drinking hot Perrier–and it was hot–is about as fun as drinking a hot Coke. Yuck. Still like the spot but the water situation continues to irk me

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