Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward

posted on February 5, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Lotta frutta: Inman Park

Last summer, John Kessler, invited me to go along and sample some paletas for a story he was doing. One of our fellow “paleta posse” members, was the absolutely adorable and effervescent Myrna Perez, the owner of Lottafrutta. I had heard murmurings about her storefront, but had never been. After the story, I became absolutely hooked on her paletas–especially the passion fruit and spicy mango versions. But, there is more to the store than paletas.

The main draw for me is the made-to-order fruit cups. The flavors in the Limonatta cup–a mix of cantaloupe, fresh coconut, cucumber, pineapple, papaya, mango and watermelon doused in lime juice and spicy chile powder–takes me straight to Mexico where vendors sell such cups from carts on the street. We Mexicans like to put chile and lime on just about everything. My family is actually notorious for smuggling bags of fresh limes and chile piquin into the movie theaters for our popcorn.

I am also a big fan of her pressed sandwiches, which she calls “sanduches.” The “just veggin,” my current favorite, is tasty mix of sprouts, avocado, tomato, havarti cheese sanwiched between toasty slices of sweet Latin bread. The sandwich comes with some of her homemade crunchy Equadorian sweet corn kernels (think corn nuts, but way better). I dare you not to get addicted. Since it isn’t exactly paleta weather, her soups–like crema de yuca and bolas de maiz– are a great bet that change based on the day. You can view the soup calendar here.

Verdict: A completely unique spot for Atlanta that plays with fun flavors and won’t weigh you down. Worth your visit the next time you are craving some vegetables and fruit.

Address: 590 Auburn Ave.
Phone:(404) 588-0857

Payment: Cash and credit

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  • Re: Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward
    posted by: Broderick · February 5, 2008  8:56 PM

    Effervescent is a perfect adjective for Myrna. I visited this restaurant when it first opened and she was there, however the shop was closed. However she let me in, gave me a short tour of the shop and gave me a free fruit popsicle to try. It’s definitely time for a visit.
    I also do believe that it’s located in the Old Fourth Ward, although it’s not too far from Inman Park

  • Re: Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · February 6, 2008  3:56 AM

    B: Thanks for the edit. I get all the intown neighborhoods messed up as they run together!

  • Re: Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward
    posted by: marisa · February 12, 2008  4:26 PM

    I went to this place for the first time–finally!–a month or so. It was unnaturally warm that day so I had one of her salads. Simply put: possibly one of the best salads I have ever eaten. When it becomes warm officially, I plan on trying their fruit pops!

  • Re: Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward
    posted by: Anonymous · June 7, 2008  9:37 AM

    the dolce vitta is awesome.. fruit with yougurt and honey and granola.. best thing ever.. also the turkey sandwich is great (the bread especially)

  • Re: Lottafrutta: Cabbagetown/Old 4th Ward
    posted by: Anonymous · October 4, 2009  10:20 AM

    This is the best kept secret in Atlanta. The name is a bit deceiving, it should be called Lottamorrathanfrutta. The Sandwiches are fresh and delish! I love the flavor combinations. Kudos to Myrna, can't wait to go back!

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