Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)

posted on September 23, 2005 at 11:12 am


Since my family is from Mexico, I find it hard to be satisfied with what they pass off as authentic Mexican street food at most Atlanta-area taquerias and restaurants. I found what I was looking for at Las Tortas Locas, a family-owned group of sandwich shops. The owners, Salvador and Rosalia Avila, came to Atlanta from Mexico City many years ago. Over the next 20 years, they worked in various Mexican restaurants throughout Atlanta. They recognized the need for an authentic Torta (a Mexican-style sandwich) shop that would appeal to Latinos and Americans alike. They started with a small shop in 1994 and have expanded to 8 locations. The restaurants are very clean and well run. Everything, except the tortillas, is made 100% fresh and in-house everyday. They have 22 different sandwiches made with bread they bake fresh every day. Each Torta is topped with shredded iceberg lettuce, thick slices of tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, pickled jalapenos, and onion. There are also a variety of well-made salsas to choose from if you like the added spice. I know I do. I personally favor the Espanola (spicy Mexican sausage, head cheese and scrambled eggs) and La Nortena (deep-fried, breaded steak, chihuahua cheese and fresh white cheese). The Tortas are the real star but not the only thing worth getting on the menu. They also have crunchy, foot-long Flautas (deep-fried shredded beef tacos) topped with all the accoutrements and Huaraches (a thick tortilla made with a refried-bean base, grilled, and then topped with various items). The tacos rival some of the best taquerias in Atlanta and are definitely worth trying. They have many different types but I like the Bistec (grilled steak), Cochinita Pibil (crispy Suckling Pig baked in banana leaves), Barbacoa (steamed beef) and Al Pastor (pork which is marinated and then slow-cooked to crispy perfection on a rotisserie). The most expensive thing on the menu is $5.50 and there are a variety of lunch specials under $5 everyday. They will have a website up in the near future with a menu, locations, and hours. Go try it. You won’t go away hungry or broke.


-5841 Roswell Road; (404) 844-4445
-2493 Chamblee Tucker Road; (770) 457-0099
-6101 S. Norcross-Tucker Rd. Suite A; (770) 491-0106
-1026 Windy Hill Rd. Suite 6; (770) 805-0304
-6405 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite E; (770) 368-8747
-4140 Jonesboro Rd. Suite A5; (404) 608-1450
-345 Pat Mell Road; (770) 803-0303


Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm


Some locations take credit cards. Some don’t. Bring cash.
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  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: Anonymous · April 22, 2006  8:19 PM

    The chicken mole torta is interesting (brown mole sauce) but when I had it, way too dry.
    My friend raves about the french fries. The carne asada on anything is good, and the salsa bar is great. Check it out.

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: Anonymous · March 11, 2008  11:19 AM

    yea my uncle owns all these torterias, and i dont care wat none of you say Las tortas locas is the best.

    –lil los–

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: Anonymous · March 12, 2008  6:23 AM

    I love it! I eat there every other week. It makes me feel at home and they know how to make a fabulous and reliable torta. Tell your uncle that he has done a great job!

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: Anonymous · August 19, 2008  8:24 AM

    Wasn’t so crazy about it. I thought the bread was of poor quality (light and dry). I like my bolillo a little chewy. Side items were mediocre. Don’t order the cochinita pibil, it is just meat on a bun with a tiny piece of queso fresco. For some reason I thought “suckling pig” would be juicy and to be savored. It was dry, shredded and boring. My wife’s torta was better, but same problem with the bread. ugh.

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: Ray · January 2, 2009  2:28 PM

    I tell everyone I can about Las Tortas Locas. I particularly like the one on Roswell Road. The tortas are perfect, the salsa bar is like Russian Roulette with the spices (you haves to guess which ones are spicy by their appearance), the restaurant is immaculate (including the restrooms!…every single time I go in…no exceptions ever!) and the counter staff is very helpful. They know me on sight and are very friendly, knowing that I’ll try to order in Spanish. They are patient and they help me pronounce different words when I stumble and they re-arrange my phrases when I botch it. I marry the price with expectation. Occasionally the meat is either dry or fatty/grissley. Regardless, I don’t complain and always go back because the Tortas Locas (their “top of the line” torta menu) are only $5.50. When they’re not quite “perfect” I remind myself that they were perfect last time or will be perfect the next time and they are oh-so-cheap. Besides, I ALWAYS marry a Torta with a taco so one or the other is generally right on target, if not both.

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: extremesinger · May 1, 2009  6:22 AM

    I love these restaurants. I frequent the one on Chamblee-Tucker (close to work) and the one in Forest Park (not too far from home). I have never had a bad experience and I’ve been eating there for four years now. My favorite lunch menu item is the nachos with cheese and chicken. They always give me lots of chicken. My favorite dinner item is chicken flautas. Wow, I just can’t tell you how good these are.
    My finance is from Tabasco, MX. He loves the tortas (submarine sandwiches). I prefer a hot meal most of the time, and tortas locas has something for both of us. Me canta!!

  • Re: Las Tortas Locas: Atlanta (Update)
    posted by: pope · June 4, 2010  11:28 PM

    A mexican fast food restaurant that has a health dept grade of 100 gets my stamp of approval. For true authentic mexican street fare, this place cant be beat.

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