La Taqueria Oaxaquena: Jonesboro

posted on April 29, 2007 at 6:02 am
For May’s issue of Atlanta INtown Paper, I went taco hunting. I ate a lot of tacos, but only a handful of places made my list. One place I had never been, simply due to proximity, was La Taqueria Oaxaquena. I decided that now was as good a time as any to bite the bullet and drive down to Jonesboro. The place was absolutely packed at lunch time. I grabbed a seat and hungrily looked around at all the fabulous looking dishes that my fellow-grubbers were digging into. I settled on a taco de cabeza (beef cheeks) and a tlayuda de bistec. I put my order in and grabbed some salsas and other accoutrements from their impressive bar next to the cash register.
My taco de bistec (basically a beef taco) was the first thing to show up. The fresh tortillas are gorgeous. A bit larger than the average tortilla, which made eating the taco much easier. The beef was very good especially after hitting it with their green salsa.
My tlayuda came next. I was floored by the sheer size of the thing and people were staring at this girl with a table full of food–something I am used to by now, but even this dish made me blush. The grilled tortilla was probably about 12 inches in diameter and topped with just about everything you could want like creamy strands of Oaxaca cheese, beans, perfect avocado slices, queso fresco, and well-seasoned meat. I did the best I could to get through the thing but ultimately made it through 1/4 of it. I brought the rest home to my boyfriend since he had not eaten lunch. I will bring a friend next time and order nothing else but the tlayuda. It was sooo good. Get there now and have one.

Verdict: A great spot with lots of delicious items sure to satisfy your craving for some well-done Mexican grub. Get there now. You can’t go wrong with whatever you order. Make sure you bring cash-they don’t take plastic.

Address: 6738 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA
Phone: (770) 960-3010

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