La Churreria: Buford Highway

posted on October 12, 2008 at 6:49 pm
Some people can’t resist ice cream, but I am all about fried dough in any form. My favorite style is the churro. There are plenty of swank local restaurants that serve them, but their versions just can’t hold a candle to those served at little churrerias (places that make and sell churros) around Atlanta. 
La Churreria: Buford Highway
Aside from the little churro stand inside Fiesta Plaza, La Churreria is my favorite.
 La Churreria: Buford Highway
La Churreria’s churros
Even though the store sells churros from a heated case for those in a rush, the shopkeep will happily fry up a fresh batch if you ask. You just cannot beat the crispy and custardy sensation of eating a freshly fried churro–especially when they are as tasty as these. You also get a side of cajeta for dipping,  but I try to be “good” since I am already splurging. 
La Churreria: Buford Highway
 Although the bakery is Mexican, it still makes some of the most delicious arepas I have ever had. They are super moist, slightly sweet, bursting with fresh corn and filled with cheese. Cakes, your standard bread case filled with baked goods, an ice cream counter, an assortment of paletas and a case of full of chilled drinks. Such a great little shop that is worth a visit whether you have a sweet tooth or not. 

Address: 3336 Buford Highway, 30329
Phone: 404-477-1811‎
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  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: outtolunchatty · October 13, 2008  12:48 PM

    Hi BG…..As I happily muched through Mexico City a year and a half ago, it was my impression that the best places that served churros served ONLY churros, (yeah, I know we’re not in Mexico City) and that the accompaniment was more often than not hot chocolate..I really don’t recall locals using cajeta instead of the hot chocolate?!!?

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 13, 2008  12:57 PM

    In all honesty, I don’t really know if cajeta is authentic or not. I always eat them plain from the street carts where they bring them to your car. But the shopkeep told me she was from Michoacán so maybe that is the way they do them there? I’ll have to ask my pops. Regardless of the hot chocolate vs. cajeta debate, these are so good and worth the visit.

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: Broderick - foto 404 · October 14, 2008  5:25 PM

    definitely need to check this place out

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: Lauren · October 17, 2008  7:42 AM

    Tried to find this place last night but couldn’t! Is it by the Salvation Army center in that strip mall?
    Ended up having a great meal at El Salvador across the way, but I’d still like to find this place!

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 17, 2008  7:45 AM

    I am not sure where the salvation army is…

    It is in a strip mall across from the shopping center that houses Panahar.

    If you use Google maps, they have a “street view,” which may help you.

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · April 5, 2009  11:08 AM

    Oh Horror! We went out this morning, hungry for a churro only to find a big “for sale” sign on the window. Another institution hits the dust. R.I.P. La Churreria.

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · April 5, 2009  11:14 AM

    Hrm. I was just there two days ago and saw no such sign. I’ll call and find out the story. I hope that is not true! I would be devastated.

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: hernan · April 11, 2009  4:54 PM

    LA CHURRERIA BAKERY Has three places in:
    3336 Buford Hwy, Atlanta GA, 30029
    5730 Buford Hwy, Norcross GA, 30071 ph. 678 646 0421 (Main)
    134 S. clayton St. lawrenceville GA, 30045
    Hope to see you there. Thanks
    HERNAN (Churreria owner)

  • Re: La Churreria: Buford Highway
    posted by: Dazy · June 5, 2009  3:50 AM

    Delicious looking and should be delicious tasting churros. I too tried making these just after my exams got over.

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