Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta

posted on July 27, 2005 at 9:56 am

Where do you go for a good Cuban sandwich in Atlanta? Kool Korner Grocery is one of my favorites. The sandwich shop, which was originally named for the shade provided here by a large leafy tree, is owned by Silvesonoso Ramirez from Matanzas, Cuba (he is the adorable man in the picture). You can get an amazingly authentic Cuban sandwich for about $4.35. They roast their own pork which is the key to making a perfect Cuban. You can have lettuce, tomato, mayo, and chopped jalapenos added, but I am a purist. They also have American standards like turkey, ham,baloney, and roast beef. Havana on Buford Highway also has a very good sandwiches and many other Cuban standards.

Location: 349 14th st nw
Phone:(404) 892-4424
Payment details: Cash only
Cuisine: Cuban Sandwich shop

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  • Re: Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · November 19, 2005  3:14 PM

    Have you tried Loaf and Kettle Cuban sandwich? The mojo marinated pork really hit the spot although it doesn’t have ham, mustard, and pickles like Havana Restaurant (HR). HR’s bread has nicer crusty bread. HR’s emapandas reminded me of street vendor food in a good way. The beef had olives. The chicken had onions and peppers. It was freshly fried and I imagine myself eating its hot tasty contents on the street in the cold of the night.


  • Re: Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta
    posted by: BillVol · February 12, 2008  7:14 AM

    The last time I checked, both Havana and Kool Korner bought their bread from the same place: Panaderia Latinoamericana off of Buford. I stop there every time I’m in town and pick up a pack of six loaves. I make my own Cubans at home. Anyhow, if the Havana bread is crustier, it is because of being cooked on the sandwich press longer, I assume. Maybe they brush the bread with oil or butter? I don’t know.

  • Re: Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta
    posted by: flourpwr · July 6, 2009  12:14 PM

    Kool Korner is back – unfortunately in B'ham. Don't know how to create a hyperlink to the news article but you can find it by Googling "kool korner carlton".
    Hope Bliss finds another spot for top notch Cubanos in Atl. Seems all the best ones have disappeared. Anyone heard anything about Havana Sandwich Shop reopening? Cubano in Marietta closed before I got there.

  • Re: Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · July 9, 2009  12:14 AM

    I enjoyed papis in kennesaw the time I tried it. my mom lives in grant park, and she swears by dakota blue. I've not tried that one.Used to LOVE havana sandwich.I worked @ lenox mall and would drive over and eat a cuban for lunch thrice a week.

  • Re: Kool Korner Grocery: Atlanta
    posted by: eddie · March 12, 2017  3:57 PM

    I know of someone that has a so called wooden nickel or store token advertisement, It has a penny mounted in the center of if. It is from Kool Korner Grocery 1947, Yes the very one at the corner of 14th and state, How Kool is that?

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