Killer kitchenware: the outdoor edition

posted on May 8, 2008 at 3:27 am

Bonjour® Laser Probe Combo ($89.95)
A good thermometer is something every cook (home or professional) should have in their arsenal. While I am normally not big on infrared varietites for indoor cooking, it is a good tool to have when you are grilling so you can measure surface temperature on your grill. This particular model comes with a probe as well so you can test the internal temperature of your meats, etc. I have also seen these at Cooks Warehouse locations around Atlanta if you do not want to pay the shipping costs.

Mesh Grill-Top Fry Pan ($29.95)
I spied this cool pan in the William Sonoma catalog the other day and ordered one straight away. I imagine it will be indispensable. Aside from veggies, I am already thinking of using it for shrimp and a variety of other items that could benefit from a good shake in the pan. And the heavy-gauge, stainless-steel wire is dishwasher safe to boot!

Beach-side Grill ($149.95)
I wrote about this for my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide in February, but just had to mention it again. My family loves this contraption. We use it indoors in the fireplace, but it would be great for those of you who like to cook over the old campfire. So many uses and a cinch to set up.
Weber Performer Grill with propane starter ($299.99)
I did a lot of research last year when trying to figure out which grill I was going to buy for my new home. I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of a gas grill because I was not willing to give up the incomparable flavor that charcoal imparts. I found this Weber grill that uses a small canister of propane to get the coals going. I have been using it for a year now and absolutely love it. It even has a weatherproof bin to store your charcoal. It has been a great investment so far and a canister normally last you throughout the grilling season. I ordered it from (free shipping) and had it assembled in 20 minutes.

I have many friends who have made whole pigs in their backyards with MacGyver-like contraptions they built with parts of all sorts. Some of these DIY jobs did not hold up so well. But, I can imagine this portable grill pit doing the trick. It can hold “up to 100 lbs Pig, 16-18 whole Chickens, 4-6 Turkeys, 8-10 Pork Ribs Slabs, 8-10 Pork Shoulders or any other type of meat or fish.” There are even some videos on the manufacturer’s website of people, like chef Bobby Flay, using it if you want to see it in action.

Beehive Pizza Oven ($2,000)

And now for the big ticket item on my list. If you have the money to spare and are serious about your outdoor cookery, you might consider splurging on this amazing oven. From the website, “Even at baking temperatures of up to 900ºF, the exterior surface remains warm to the touch, thanks to the dome’s double-wall construction with a an insulating layer of rock.” Oh the dishes I could make this beauty!
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    posted by: Daisy · May 26, 2008  11:26 PM

    Useful kitchenware!! Usually, I got my kitchen products from Kitchen Etc

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