Kang Seo: Buford Highway (CLOSED)

posted on April 15, 2006 at 3:56 pm

I had spotted a new joint on Buford highway just past 285 that looked pretty spruced up. It was super nice inside. The booths are like tatami rooms at Japanese restos. Open kitchen, very well decorated and modern. Loved the little box on the table that contained stainless chopsticks and spoons. We ordered the noodle soup with beef (the name escapes me) and the beef bowl of bulgogi. The kimchi was good but the radish was a bit sweeter than normal. The soup was pretty bland. The waitress told us to add salt, pepper and kimchee juice to the broth but we both just gave up. The beef in the claypot was good. It had massive chunks of mushrooms and other goodies. Nothing spectacular though. They had an oxtail dish that looked good. Worth a try…I would go back and try something else.
Address: unlisted due to name change
Cuisine: Korean

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