K-BBQ Factory brings more exceptional Korean barbecue to Duluth

posted on December 31, 2017 at 10:25 am

I am going to say something possibly scandalous, but I think Atlanta’s Korean barbecue scene rivals Los Angeles and New York. When I was growing up in Atlanta, it seemed like our only Korean options were Mirror of Korea on Ponce de Leon and Hae Woon Dae on Buford Highway. But now it feels as though a new Korean barbecue restaurant pops up every month, each with some newfangled kind of grill or just a different spin on the variety of side dishes offered. K-BBQ Factory is t

Photograph by Jennifer Zyman.

he latest offering from the owners of 770 in Suwanee and 678 in Duluth, two tried-and-true Korean barbecue spots that use charcoal grills (rather than gas) to cook the meat.

In a departure from its sister restaurants, this year-old restaurant uses gas grills topped with a rectangular grate. (Personally, I prefer charcoal because of the flavor it imparts on the meat, but gas has its place, as K-BBQ Factory proves.) Before the meat even hit the table, an overwhelming (in a totally good way) amount of side dishes arrived. The abundance was so colorful, I found myself feeling a little manic darting from thin, chilled crepe to mild white kimchi served alongside sticky, chewy sheets of rice cake to a steamed egg casserole. Then, the all-beef combination platter for the four of us ($119.99) arrived, and we gasped at the abundance in front of us.

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