Jerusalem Bakery: Marietta

posted on February 2, 2007 at 8:30 am


I am always in search of a good piece of baklava. I decided to try out the Jerusalem Bakery on a recent jaunt to Tasty China. I bought a box of freshly-made baklava for around $5. It was good. Not the best I have ever had, but definitely solid. There was a bit of residual raw flour taste and quite a bit of honey, but still a nice version. They also make fresh pita if you are in the mood for a good falafel sandwich. I would buy it again.


Address: 585 Franklin Rd Se

Phone: (770) 419-1666


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  • Re: Jerusalem Bakery: Marietta
    posted by: Rowdy · February 5, 2007  2:52 PM

    Nice pic of the baklava. You should sell that to them. They are not too good with marketing.

    BTW, I think the spinach pie out of the oven is the very best treat at Jerusalem Bakery. These pies are the non-filo version. My wife is Lebanese, and she swears they are as good as anywhere in U.S. Note these people at Jerusalem Bakery are from Palestine. They have Palestenians making most of this stuff by hand with only some machine help. They make the spinach pies everyday. It tastes best fresh from the oven, typically around noon.

    BTW, your site, attitude, and skills are much better than RestaurantGirl in NYC.


  • Re: Jerusalem Bakery: Marietta
    posted by: Anonymous · August 24, 2008  11:40 AM

    Their pita was excellent – fresh, soft and fluffy. I would definitely recommend it. We tried it on a trip to Tasty China also. Their pita with toppings are good too – some with zatar and some with cheese (kefir?).

    Incidentally, the Turkish grocery store next to Tasty China was good as well .They’ve changed locations but their olives in the back had some pleasant surprises.


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