Jang Su Jang: Duluth

posted on November 5, 2008 at 4:20 pm
There is nothing quite like Korean food when you need to be restored. It is remarkably balanced and full of flavor. But it (with the exception of a meal at Honey Pig) just doesn’t weigh you down like other cuisines. It is, without a doubt, in the top three of my favorite cuisines. So, I am always looking for new finds and Duluth is a treasure trove for Korean dining. Well, I have found another spot and it is a keeper.
The restaurant is located in what seems to be an old steakhouse/IHOP done up in dark paints and mostly Korean lettering. The inside holds vaulted ceilings with rafters, large wooden booths, a glass box filled with electronic butterflies and this wall fixture that holds a collection of bowls.

After perusing the extensive menu, we chose to share to dishes and an order of dumplings.
The banchan was pristine. Every single dish tasted freshly made.

We started with an order of delicious Mul Mandoo (boiled pork dumplings) that came with the most amazingly flavorful, yet simple dipping sauce — I believe it was your basic soy-based concotion, but the balance was spot-on.

We ordered the Jansujang Bossam, which was a new dish for both of us. Imagine boiled pieces of pork belly, slightly spiced slices of daikon, dry radish covered in chile paste (one of my favorite banchan), Korean peppers and cabbage leaves boiled in very salty water then chilled for wrapping. Such a great dish.

Since it is a tofu house, the restaurant serves a large selection of “soon tofu” dishes, also called Sundubu jjigae.
We went with kimchee and chose “extra spicy” as you can pick your heat. The bubbling soup/stew comes with an egg you quickly mix in to cook and the spoon over this rice.
It was so fricking good. The ultimate comfort food. I cannot wait to try more of them.

The meal ends with these cutesy little bottles of chilled yogurt drink that arrive with your check. But we were too full to partake.

Verdict: Already a favorite after just one visit. The space is very well done–in a Korean/Japanese countryside kind of way–and service was friendly. They also spoke very good English. I cannot wait to go back and explore more of the menu like the Korean shabu-shabu.

Address: 3645 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, 30096
Phone: 678-475-9170

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  • Re: Jang Su Jang: Duluth
    posted by: Tio Seymour · November 6, 2008  12:22 PM

    Looks great. Driven by that place but never stopped in.

  • Re: Jang Su Jang: Duluth
    posted by: Lucy Kelly is a-comin'! · November 6, 2008  2:30 PM

    Yummy! You keep eating in awesome places near my house so thank you for pointing me in the right direction so close to home!

  • Re: Jang Su Jang: Duluth
    posted by: Pomgrnte · December 13, 2008  8:16 PM

    Ate there tonight and loved it! Great service, excellent food… Even though it’s a hike for us, we’ll definitely be back!

  • Re: Jang Su Jang: Duluth
    posted by: a simple realist. · November 14, 2009  12:44 PM

    the shabu shabu here is my favorite out of all the shabu shabu restaurants!

  • Re: Jang Su Jang: Duluth
    posted by: Kim · April 25, 2012  7:58 PM

    I always eat out here at least once a month, even though it is about 30 min. away. I definitely like bossam, but also you have to try galbijim (steamed galbi stew). It is amazing. Only downside is the amount of galbi served; I have to always order 3 portions of galbijim for myself.

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