It’s a nice day for a white wedding cake

posted on February 15, 2010 at 7:02 pm


This is my last wedding post. I swear. But our wedding pictures just arrived and I had to share the photos of our AWESOME wedding cake and cupcakes with you.

As we looked at wedding cake designs, we instantly knew fondant was not going to find its way onto our cake. It sure looks all smooth and pretty, but it tastes like paste. We also decided we didn’t want to do any fancy fillings or flavors. Wedding cake, in our humble opinion, should be white cake with buttercream icing. We made our way among many wedding cake providers around the city and came up short. Too sweet. Too dense. Too fake tasting. We were stumped until our fantastic wedding planner, Ashley Baber, saved the day and recommended a place around the corner from our home: Caryn’s Cakes. We were sold after one bite of her fluffly white cake with vanilla buttercream. It was amazing and tasted just like you’d imagine a beautiful white wedding cake should.

Our wedding cake from Cakes by Caryn

A girly design with flowers was out of the question. Our wedding was modern and we wanted something that matched the design. So, owner Caryn Nash modeled the cake after a favorite vase of mine from Jonathan Adler, which is where our kooky cake toppers came from–they’re actually salt and pepper shakers.

Our wedding cake from Cakes by Caryn

As we marched through the rigors of wedding planning, an addiction developed; an addiction to the cupcakes we bought every time we visited Caryn to make decisions about the cake. Moon didn’t want a groom’s cake, but I really wanted to do something for him since he is a sweets freak. Caryn suggested a variety of cupcakes in different flavors of chocolate. I was sold. She made: Mexican hot chocolate with marshmallow icing and a toasted marshmallow on top; chocolate espresso cake with meringue icing dusted with cocoa powder; Earl Grey chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing; hazelnut cake with amaretto buttercream; chocolate cake with caramel toffee buttercream. The crowd went wild for them and they were gone in a flash.

We still get those cupcakes a couple of times a week–well, Moon does on the way home from work–and have no plans to seek help for our addiction anytime soon. It’s the next best thing to tasting our wedding cake again. And, no, we don’t have the topper to look forward to. We broke down and ate it after two weeks.


Thanks to Our Labor of Love’s David and Kendrick for the beautiful wedding pictures and the permission to use them on my blog!

In the interest of full disclosure: we paid full price for everything and did not ask for or receive any special treatment from our vendors in exchange for promotion.

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